Fatih Yılmaz: "To understand Prof. Dr.Necmettin Erbakan"

Fatih Yılmaz: "To understand Prof. Dr.Necmettin Erbakan"
Date: 21.2.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Fatih Yılmaz writes on Natioal Outlook leader Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan. Here is the full article.

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Perhaps it was incomprehensible that a mechanical engineer broke all the memorization. It was the scientist who awoke a whole Islamic world from deep sleep. It was the fact that the son of a father who was a heavy criminal judge in the first years of the Republic accomplished incredible works in the academic, social and spiritual world. A scientist who talked about mathematics, science, astronomy, the creation of the universe, iron sprouts and medicine was also telling about Islam, which went to everyone's freak. It was an academician talking about fiqh, kalam, hadith, siyer, akait, as if the teacher stunned the masters. "Islam is a consciousness religion, not a form religion," said Erbakan Hodja. A mind-blowing new interpretation with the conference of Islam and knowledge left everyone in astonishment. Erbakan Hodja was challenging the whole world with great confidence. Whoever is, whatever field they say, "If you are a man, get out of me".
That is how the knowledge, wisdom and heart of the people entered the political field began to tremble the Zionism of the world. Erbakan Hodja had built labor by scraping the roads leading to the Islamic Union with his nails. "Habitable Turkey," he was not even aware of until one of Turkey's uninhabitable state. Erbakan Hodja was on his way to explain what it means to say livable. There is a great lawyer who put his life to life and live, he was working hard. The journey to a big and universal slogan gained even more power with the second cry. Turkey to become more livable "New from Great Turkey" ideal had already put forward. Erbakan Hodja was dealing a blow against the sovereign powers of the world in terms of both discourse and action. Now all the accounts were broken, "New World" plans were already in the water. The "New World" ideal was put forward against the New World plans. Here he reveals a fundamental slogans of the revolution Erbakan Hodja: "Habitable Turkey, Turkey and Great Again a New World."
It is not that easy to understand Erbakan Hodja. It is not easy to understand a case man who understands that great goals can be achieved with great sacrifices, to understand love, determination and excitement, to understand knowledge, ideas and wisdom. Realizing the difficulty of understanding as you think about it. Understanding first to live, to do. To be able to understand it first, it should not be so easy. Erbakan Hodja can only be defined as a person who can be understood after years of research. In other words, even understanding Erbakan Hodja seems possible only with hard work.
Understanding is possible with deep learning, not with hearsay knowledge, but with details. To understand Erbakan Hodja is to imagine the ones that do not come to mind, to believe that the goals are achievable even if it is difficult and to fight until the last breath for this belief. Understanding Erbakan Hodja is to beat the walls for centuries with the belief of faith and faith, and live with the dream of erecting the burca flag, just like in the good news of the conquest of Istanbul. Understanding Erbakan Hodja means being on the right side and standing against the west. Regardless of who lives, it means living as a lawyer, pouring sweat and giving the last breath as a lawsuit again.
Erbakan means to never lose hope of the future, no matter what, to believe that the persecution is not eternal, and to know that evil will be defeated absolutely. With the permission of Allah, working day and night to end the cruelty on earth means living only for the sake of Allah and dying for Allah. Erbakan means to be mujahideen, to remain mujahideen and to die as a mujahid.


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