Fatih Yılmaz: "Two pictures"

Fatih Yılmaz: "Two pictures"
Date: 1.10.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatih Yılmaz writes on piety and showing-off. Here is the full article.

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From the first days of the pandemic, everyone started talking, unknowingly. As always, those who spoke with the concern of popularity were at the forefront. The celebrities of TV screens and social media talked as they talked and wrote as they wrote. More likes, being on the agenda more, getting more applause, being seen more and being shared more, as always, got ahead of the facts. Everyone supported the closures. They declared that opposing the closure was almost like an attempted murder. They talked as if anyone who goes out into the street should be imprisoned, and as if they are accusing those who think of opening schools of treason. According to them, businesses should remain closed, people should not leave their homes, and the state should look after everyone.
A very small and hoarse audience also made some calls in a common sense, without saying "there is no such thing as a pandemic". As always, their voices were not heard, so there were not many people who heard them. They tried to explain that the closures would have costs and that they could have heavy costs in terms of both health and economy. They found little coverage in the mainstream media, they tried to make their voices heard on social media, but they could not tell their troubles. This is the fate of our lands, we always realize the truth late, we get angry at those who talk about it in time, and then we praise those we are angry with. Phrases such as “the man was right, neither was he right” go on and on, but we always miss the train. It was not possible to get on time.
In fact, it's not destiny, it's choice. Although the first command that reaches us is "read", we prefer to listen and watch. The command to read also means research, learn, think, compare, reason. Even if a person does not read, he continues to have knowledge, but this time he continues by following, watching and listening to others. As such, what the popular faces of the screens tell, those who follow them also begin to think the same. Here is where we are today.
Today, we see children on the streets who cannot walk on straight roads. Young people who forgot to go out, do not want to leave the house, and cannot get up from their computers, tablets and phones are our children. Children who go to school by force, whose immune system has decreased, who have regressed physically at least ten times, whose movements are restricted, who get tired immediately after running a little, are our children. Our children, who have atrophied social aspects, poor communication, and look around with bewilderment, are now everywhere. Is it just our kids? Of course no.
Our visits to relatives and friends have come to a standstill. If the word "guesthood" goes like this, it's only a matter of time before it disappears from the literature. Economic activity has slowed down and some sectors have become moribund. This problem has also affected other sectors as a chain. In some sectors, the system is even locked. For example, school buses are one of them, cafes and restaurants still haven't recovered. The habits formed during the days of the pandemic with plenty of closure continue to affect life negatively. If you ask our celebrities who talk without thinking about a job, they are still right and they still continue their comments. The market does not know, it does not understand what is poverty and poverty for people who have not seen in their lives, of course, let's close what will happen!
The two pictures that bothered me the most during the closing times never leave my mind. First of all, those who pose as “life fits in the house” with their coffee in hand from large houses with large gardens. The second is our citizens, who are looking for bread to take home in the evening, without mask, without distance, without hygiene, with shabby wheelbarrows made out of sacks in their hands. Those who talk a lot in the first picture did not understand the poor people of the second picture, they do not seem to understand at all.


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