Fatih Yılmaz: "What did we say, what do we do?"

Fatih Yılmaz: "What did we say, what do we do?"
Date: 20.9.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatih Yılmaz writes on daily life. Here is the full article.

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We're going to wash the bridges like we never gonna have to use them again. We leave the doors slamming as if we never come back. We cut off the salute in the morning as if it never happened. Like we never had a cup of coffee, we fill the sack and throw it away. When we say love, brotherhood, hearts and affection, we go from heart to heart. We see everything as a nail, as if one hand was made out of a hammer. Years of labor, forehead sweat, effort, sacrifice without even thinking for a moment, we destroy the ground. With hundreds of beauties, we focus on one problem. Even though we have a lot in common, we get stuck in small matters and eventually we come across seas, waves, oceans and drown in a handful of water. Alas, what an alas.
Every time we were bored, we thought we were in another world when we said “oh transitory life”. We have forgotten that others may be angry with us when we are angry with others, and that we are likely to annoy others. We have always forgotten ourselves when we say others, looking at others, looking for errors in others, we have lost, we have left the subject outside the realm. We dived so much, lost so much that we hated the mistake, the fault, and the hate.
We went up the hills to the mountains, we forgot the life in the plain and the innocence in the lowlands. Ascended, as we rose, we became arrogant, sinful. Then we came to a point where we forgot where we came from. We missed the road, we were surprised. We set off on the way one by one while we ignored those who stayed on the road. We became sinners, became sinners, then forgotten the repentance. “Allah is great, forgiving, loves to forgive” when we started to forgive anyone, forgetting forgiveness. We stuck to sin, while we must be angry with sin, evil and ugly deeds. We took care of him where we could show him mercy. We are wrong where we should have pity the sinner and have become pitiful.
We raised every wrong we saw, we hit every mistake in the middle of the forehead, we revealed every sin, we drew the water out of every problem. We criticized every word that did not lie to our mind. Error, flaw, sin was created for man, we forgot. Man sinned and then repented, sinned again and again and again and again, we forgot. Even though Allah repented his servants a thousand times and sinned, we forgave him. We hit, broke, insulted, angry, pitied, forgotten to forgive. We said “God, you are forgiving, you love to forgive, forgive us de but we did not forgive anyone. We were wrong.
We said, “We are responsible for the message. “We will not be carriers of poison cans. We said, “God's mercy is everlasting. We said, “We came to make hearts”. Our mission is to cure the disease, not to destroy the patient, we said. We said, “We will approach our brothers with kindness and patience.” We said, Be patient, be constant, don't be angry. “We will approach them with the best methods and methods,” we said. We said, “We will tell them with wisdom and wisdom. What did we say, what did we do? What are we doing, where are we going? What are we talking about? Shouldn't we be thinking a little about this?


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