Fatih Yılmaz: "Which virus?"

Fatih Yılmaz: "Which virus?"
Date: 22.3.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Fatih Yılmaz writes on coronavirus. Here is the full article.

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We constantly talk about the results with a passive and helpless situation. We are going through a period when the mind is not used sufficiently, the logic is reversed. The harams are normalized, but the sentences that begin with the basic requirements of our faith are ignored. We are in the days when worship has lost its meaning, showing off, we can count those who can live without being captive to populism. Nobody prefers the halal, does not refer to prayer for good and does not prevent evil. People are moving away from Islam due to the situation of Muslims and even Muslims give up prayers.
We slow down as time gets faster, we go back as time progresses. It does not mean anything other than a word that does not fall from our language of civilization and that we have never experienced. We are talking about wisdom and wisdom to those who do not exhibit even the most humane attitudes. Words are wasted, sentences are wasted. We are faced with such a mass that there is not a single issue where they are wrong and wrong. Their only concern is the seats they sit on, the worlds they earn and the fear of losing all their gains. That is why all they do is beautify the power, engineering engineering. In any case, those who swear at the opposition who applauded power, no matter what. They are sweating for this world just because they have lost their conscience. Those who abuse their Muslim brothers when they are available, and sell their most sincere friends without blinking. They are the ones who know no other birds than themselves, who disbelieve in their own righteousness under their noses. They are the ones who do not care if the Islamic world reflects. While they cry out idol worshiping more than anyone else, they worship all of them, if anything comes to money, authority and even how much their business is. They are unreasonable, irrational, embarrassed, and refined.
I see people tired of being told something. I see that they are not aware of the disgrace they fall into. I see that everyone hates them, and the love and respect they feel is purely role-play. I know that they will sell their owners again, as things are reversed tomorrow. I think that if the opposition they show as enemies today is power, they will change their ranks instantly. The sentence speaks of the fact that they use Islam only for their own benefit, that they only play a role in front of cameras, and that they are the architects of inhuman activities in the background. In fact, nobody likes them, nobody trusts them, nobody wants to be with them, nobody even wants to be in their environment, but come and see things are going the other way round. Because world history is a place that has hosted thousands of years with these and similar situations. It is not the first time and this will not be the last.
Coronavirus is a form-changing virus that has existed from time to time. Precautions are taken, the vaccine to be found, the human body to boost its immune, resistant and hopefully to defeat it. But haughtiness, selfish, and the virus of interest have existed throughout human history and will continue to be the greatest scourge of humans until the apocalypse. If we take some of the precautions we take against material viruses against spiritual viruses, perhaps the world will be much more beautiful.


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