Fatma Tuncer: "Are we not passengers of the same ship?"

Fatma Tuncer: "Are we not passengers of the same ship?"
Date: 6.10.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on Syrian refugees. Here is the full article.

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Despite the closed environment he belongs to, Ahmet Mahmut Unlu (a popular preacher from the Ismailaga order of Naqshbandi Sufis) appears in the written and visual media, makes jokes and statements that will trigger sectarian conflict, advises politicians and somehow leaves an impact on the masses he drags after him. Even though no one seems to take him seriously, everything he says is on the agenda and is discussed for a long time, as a matter of fact, he occupied the agenda again with his statements about Imam hatips on a television channel and his divisive statements were discussed a lot.
Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü, by making statements that will trigger sectarian conflict, unfortunately unwittingly supports the mobs that make calculations on the resources of Islamic societies and heavily accuses Muslims who are struggling with the global attack. According to him, the great killers who invade the lands of oppressed peoples, corrupt their values ​​and murder women, men and children do not pose as much danger as the Muslims whom he accuses of being of other sects or non-sectarians. Isn't it interesting? Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü expands the scope of his criticisms so much that he says, "Students in Imam-Hatip high schools cause non-sectarianism to spread, so they should prefer classical high schools instead of choosing this place," and states that only madrasahs are the reliable address of science. When these statements cause reactions, he tries to soften the atmosphere by interpreting his words and obviously he is worried about losing the opportunities he has.
Even if our children can connect with their roots and learn their values, no matter who or what educational institution they learn from… As a matter of fact, imam-hatip high schools, which actively provide education in almost every city of our country, are known and preferred as private institutions that support our children at this point and prepare them for life. Of course, we cannot say that these institutions can fully meet our expectations, but we have to admit that they fill an important gap within the current conditions.
The transformation of the world into a small village, the integration of education into the capitalist system and the rapid spread of secular culture inevitably affected these institutions, and children vacillated between what they learned at school and what the social environment imposed, and unexpected problems arose. Therefore, within the current problems, you can discuss the situation of our schools and imam hatip high schools and offer suggestions to improve them, but you cannot try to discredit these institutions by accusing them, this is a great sin. But when the aim is to beat the grape grower, not the grapes, Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü cannot display a constructive attitude, he turns all his attention to sectarian differences and fuels the fire by making statements that will trigger the conflict… There may be those who say that the Koskoca teacher does not know but you know, but thank God for his compassion, fairness and embracing approach in front of us. We have a Prophet who guides all humanity with his help, and we cannot and should not include any statements that contradict his method in our lives.
Regardless of where they are in the world, Muslims reach schools, official and voluntary organizations using their available means and internalize the information they need. Quran courses and imam hatip high schools in almost every city fill this gap in our country, and many families entrust their children to these institutions. Mainly in Istanbul and some cities of Anatolia, madrasahs formed by volunteers continue to work within their own systems. If our aim is to learn from the religious source and to make our lives better, we can go to whatever institution we can reach and reach the information we need. As a result, all institutions and organizations created for the dissemination of science serve in line with their own systems and possibilities and raise generations running towards the same goal. For this reason, you can express and discuss the problems of these institutions with a sincere expression, but you cannot slander or confuse the public with exclusionary statements. First of all, this is against the principles of the values ​​you believe in and is a great sin.
Today, the Islamic geography has been exposed to material and moral attacks and has lost its freedom. Our lands and resources are occupied, our women, sons and children are being murdered. Today, we urgently need to come together and form a unity against the global threat. But unfortunately, the rulers, leading figures and so-called teachers who led the masses of Islamic societies are playing into the hands of global tyrants by using a divisive language. That's why we can't get together and talk about our problems.


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