Fatma Tuncer: "Digital world dreams of global elites"

Fatma Tuncer: "Digital world dreams of global elites"
Date: 24.3.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on digital world. Here is the full article.

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You remember the robot Sophia, who attended the Future Investment meeting in Riyadh in 2017 and was given Saudi Arabian citizenship after his speech here. The city selected for the future investment meeting, where a robot is highlighted and given Saudi Arabian citizenship… How meaningful isn't it? I took my head in my palms and tried to understand what was going on. Where do we live? In a digital world where people and things change roles? On earth? Is it in the depths of the heavens? In a virtual realm? What are we? Kumiss? Then I paid all my attention and I did not have any difficulty understanding Sophia at a time when they talked about viruses, artificial intelligence, digital life, whether there is life in space… I think Sophia was a tool to be used to adapt to the process that circulates between virtual and reality. Sophia was an impulsive force, a subject envisioned to warm the son of Adam into the digital world that was designed. He was given not only citizenship but also the role of warming and assimilation.
How was it that the living individuals faced so many procedures to obtain citizenship, how could the robot Sophia go so easily? Did this point to the new role of the Saudi administration, which was trying to cooperate with Israel and the US? Was it a step towards the cultural transformation of Muslim peoples? Was it a model presented to a Muslim woman? For, unlike Arabian Muslim women who dressed in Islamic ways and lived in this manner, Sophia symbolized a Western woman and bore the colors of the whole West. As you remember, Prince Salman came to the fore with the decisions taken on the axis of the moderate Islam project in the days when Sophia appeared and talked about the change in women's lifestyles, the lifting of the movie ban, entertainment centers and the importance of the NEOM project in the region. And we could see the collapse of a crunching civilization, and it was the wolves inside that were devouring the apple.
Sophia was a reflection of the decisions taken in the name of the new world order, a tool used to warm individuals and societies to artificial intelligence, humanoid robots, whether there is life in space, and digital life envisioned. As a matter of fact, before the world met Covid-19, the robot Sophia said in an interview with Business Insidera that she loved people very much and that they would get very close to the understanding of artificial intelligence to expand the information in their brains. With the virus affecting the whole world, scenarios prepared behind closed doors began to come to light. Global elites focused on the digital life they designed using this process as an excuse, while people were looking for remedies to protect themselves from the virus. And we have begun to encounter discourses we are not familiar with such as artificial intelligence, digital money, humanoid robots, and artificial meat.
Allah has created the universe with an unshakable order, functioning and hierarchy. However, those who give themselves the rank of divinity try to shake this order and still disrupt this harmony of the world with an approach like "I can do better". The world is a common use for all of us, but global tyrants ignore us, pay no attention to what we think and feel, and continue to wreak havoc on the earth. Evil focuses giving them the rank of divinity ruin the order set by Allah, spoil the nature of bread, water and air, and make the earth uninhabitable. But we believe that civilizations knitted with cruelty are doomed to collapse and disappear. We believe that Allah will turn these traps set by evil focuses on themselves and open the door to merciful hearts. So violence will lose, compassion will gain ...


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