Fatma Tuncer: "Don't look for happiness far away"

Fatma Tuncer: "Dont look for happiness far away"
Date: 14.6.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on daily life matters. Here is the full article.

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One of the two people that we face are complaining about unhappiness, lack of pleasure in life and meaning gap. So much so that happiness is transmitted as a vital element, the primary need. But nobody questions where happiness comes from, where and how it is produced. Individuals who cannot distinguish between happiness and temporary pleasure think that apple sugar in their hands can be enough for happiness and pursue it for a lifetime. But they cannot achieve lasting happiness, nor can they soothe their souls.
Mental practitioners and therapists advise patients who seek happiness. Obsessed with happiness, individuals follow these recommendations, do shopping, go on holiday, have fun and go on a world tour. But as they pursue, what is called happiness moves away from them.
Mankind for some reason does not know the value of the nearby, does not know, thinks that what is looking far beyond. But what is precious is as close as a breath in one's chest and self. A person who seeks happiness and peace beyond cannot see the faith in his/her chest and the peace that is born from there. He/She thinks that happiness is far away, but happiness is in the core of his/her self and he/she expects to sprout here.
Psychologists emphasize that it is necessary to have the following values ​​in order to achieve happiness. These; thinking positive, traveling, exercising, making positive friends, making phobias, etc.… People are making some changes in their lives and waiting with hope. But they cannot achieve the happiness they want, nor can they achieve inner peace. Because happiness is not something of world origin, as they envision, but a value of the Hereafter. Therefore, we cannot have the chance to meet happiness without faith, surrender and trust. Okay, of course, there are scraps of happiness in the advice given by the physician, but it cannot be possible to make it lasting unless there is faith.
Suppose you have made positive friends, participated in sporting activities, traveled, had the opportunity to develop your phobias, and how long can you enjoy these actions? If you do not seek the will of Allah in all that you do, do not contemplate His glory and be grateful for the possibilities you have, that temporary pleasure will be lost in a breath. Do you believe that money can solve everything? Do you think you can achieve peace and happiness without faith? Do you think that you can achieve true peace unless you love your loved one for his consent, and remove what you take out of your life for his consent? You're wrong …
Said two men from those who feared [to disobey] upon whom Allah had bestowed favor, "Enter upon them through the gate, for when you have entered it, you will be predominant. And upon Allah rely, if you should be believers." (Al-Ma'idah,23) 
Happiness is, of course, one of our basic needs, such as drinking. However, we do not have a chance to reach happiness unless we go through a radical change in our lives. We have to accept this from the beginning.


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