Fatma Tuncer: "Don't you see?"

Fatma Tuncer: "Dont you see?"
Date: 2.7.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on belief and daily lives of Muslims. Here is the full article.

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What we experienced today was the result of what we did yesterday. But for some reason we have always looked for the error in the invisible mountains, and we avoided accounting for our lives, we built concrete sets over our mistakes. We made deep determinations, consumed hamasi expressions but could not turn the word into action. What we experienced today was the result of what we did yesterday… Allah said, "Do not relax, do not worry, if you (truly) believe that you are the supreme," and the emphasis emphasized the future. However, we were loosen in every respect and thought that they were the winner. Encouraged by this situation, the enemy took his head in technology, science, medicine, scientific field, walked his head and increased his pressure on innocents as he gained power. When the power passed into the hands of Pharaoh fans, Islamic societies that had super-civilization values ​​became slaves of global powers.
Do you think that despite the command of "do not unwind", Allah has no effect on the gradual increase of occupations, massacres, economic, cultural and political pressures in the Islamic geography? Is it not the result of otherizing and knocking each other over ethnic and sectarian differences despite the command of “Hold on to the rope of Allah, do not be serialized, remember his blessing upon you” (Al-i Imran, 103) Are you aware of what causes us to declare each other as enemies by saying fasci, bucu, şucu instead of uniting and clamping on the axis of the essential values ​​of Islam? As a result of our laziness, the pursuit of vacancies, our enmity, arrogance, secularization, serialization, selflessness and irresponsibility, we entered our enemy household, made great slaughter and turned us into slaves who lost their reflexes... So, what have we done? Instead of confronting ourselves, we continued to produce defense mechanisms. We avoided seeing the truth by putting our heads in the sand instead of criticizing what we did or did not do. So what happened next? Then what we did or did not do came back to us as heavy bullets, lethal viruses, punishments and sanctions.
The Pharaohs of the time were waiting to set a trap as they believed defeat was a victory and thrown nara. But we did not understand, we did not want to understand ... While we were tending to the acts that Allah had forbidden, we produced grounds that would relieve our conscience and not only believed in these grounds, but also tried to persuade others. We said once, we said that nothing would happen, we got into interest, Muslim should be flashy, we went to luxury and wealth, waste, we lost the torpedoism as legitimate, we got our mentally working children to the West and became poor not only in the spiritual field but also in the material field.
We have turned into a poor man who has lost all his wealth. Yesterday's mujahid brothers became today's contractors. Yesterday's mujahida sisters became the pioneers of fashion today, yesterday's favorite teachers turned into traders pursuing tenders. When religious people gained power, they became different and claimed that they saw what they defended yesterday as an outdated shirt today.
The love of property turned our sisters and brothers, they left everything that humility got infected, and they started to supply supply with their glamorous lives, they fell in love with authority, and they showed off arrogance and showiness as self-confidence. They underestimated the right to servant, and as our hearts became impoverished, the magnificence and pride of our lives increased.
As I said at the beginning, what we live today is the result of what we did yesterday. Compensation for what we did yesterday may be possible by believing right, understanding right, looking right, and determining the right strategy. To say I believed is not enough alone, we have to live as we believe, regardless of the price. Otherwise, crows will continue to crow where the nightingales are silent.


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