Fatma Tuncer: "Fascism is a mental illness"

Fatma Tuncer: "Fascism is a mental illness"
Date: 9.6.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on Fascism. Here is the full article.

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Justice is a value that fascist mentalities do not enjoy and choose as a target. Fascists, who establish individual and social relations through 'we' and 'others', consider all forms of violence and hatred towards those they marginalize. This morbid situation, which Islam strongly opposes, is perceived as a superior identity for those who follow the trail of the devil.
Fascism is a mental illness and they will continue to cultivate hatred and hatred unless they are rehabilitated in the light of moral values. The fascist's character is always the same regardless of the geography he was born in and his ethnicity. There is no difference between the fascists who target the Islamic geography and slaughter the innocents and exploit their resources, and the fascists who say "Let the Syrians be defeated" and see all kinds of persecution. One local and one foreigner, that's all…
Every day, a new one is added to the suffering of refugees who are subjected to fascist attacks in our country. As you may recall, in the last month of Ramadan, a refugee teenager was shot and killed in Adana Seyhan. The name of the teenager who was murdered by a police officer on the grounds that he was piercing the ban was Ali. And Ali, who lived in a foreign state, said goodbye to life with a blind bullet. He was a young man who took the heavy burden of the family alone in our country where he came with hope. While his peers wandering the streets, Ali worked under heavy conditions to bring bread money to his brothers and carried all the burden of the family on his back.
Ali emigrated from Turkey when Syria had thought you could get away from the earth clan violence and hatred emitting doubt. But it did not happen, those who spread violence and hatred were not only in Syria but around the world. And fascist bullies not only killed innocents with firearms, but with violence and hatred, and killer viruses.
The rulers of the country were taking measures and encouraging people to their homes to avoid further losses. But whatever happened, Ali was out that day. But he did not ask him what his mentality needed to lead, why he needed to quit, he did not even need to ask. I think… What was it that pushed Ali out at that time? I do not know, we do not know... The only thing we know is the fact that Ali does not deserve this persecution.
Ali was the name of a young man who was exposed to expatriate in cruelty and persecuted in cruelty and died with a blind bullet. The fact that the murderer was a police officer is another aspect of the incident. You know, security officers are the first people that come to our mind when we encounter a danger that will threaten our security. In such cases, we take shelter in a police station or go to a police station and tell our troubles and we want to feel safe. But come and see, an officer who is in charge of securing the public is shooting an innocent teenager from his chest.
The Messenger of Allah stated that the profession is suitable for the job to be done by the expression “Give the job to the people who cabaple of it”. Unfortunately, while recruiting staff for any institution in our country, only the points received by individuals are taken into account. However, especially when recruiting personnel to law enforcement agencies, not only the person's score in the exam, but also his conscience and sensitivity in the establishment of justice should be taken into consideration. Otherwise, these people, who are assigned to ensure the safety of the public, can turn into dangerous beings, as in Ali's case.
The statements of the officer who murdered Ali such as “I was fasting, I pressed the trigger unintentionally, I was distracted” were not acceptable. In our culture, there is a saying that is worse than apology for the apology, man, at least step back after this time and I did not care whether you say it is Syrian, I made a big mistake. The murderer you will understand is not sensitive enough to empathize with the situation of the young man he murdered and the strawberry family he left behind, so he continues to write scripts to save himself. What a pain, isn't it?


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