Fatma Tuncer: "I can understand you"

Fatma Tuncer: "I can understand you"
Date: 26.9.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on youth. Here is the full article.

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Dear young;
The world isn't just about your pink dreams. You will come across traces of lapsed dreams, traumatized hearts, fellows and those who watch them with an unconcerned attitude, and you will make sense of the events every time. And the right guide to lead you through the world journey and take you away from the dangers will be worth what you believe. You can see these values ​​as an independent factor and keep a distance. But everything in life has a flow of order, so there are also determined principles of being and being a human being, these principles are laid down and protected by God…
Dear young;
Why are you always complaining? You complain about your grandmother's attitude, your parents' conservatism, environmental pressures. To some extent, you're right, I can understand you. Because the negative side of the lens under the lens and the negative observation made to the side of the very annoying. Your grandparents are trying to solve their problems without understanding you, touching your soul. This is not true. Even the small kitchen appliance that we have bought, we try to read and understand the manual of the kitchen utensils. You succeed in what they cannot succeed and try to understand your parents and excuse them. Try it if you want, and you will find that you are comfortable and able to communicate with them more successfully.
Dear young;
Understand and be understood! How hot are not the concepts! And how nice it sounds! But it is a situation in which not only you, but also adults are deprived. I don't get it, nobody understands me, I want to get it… I'm sure every time you ask this question, but in response to the answer you get, you get in touch and fall into silence.
Why is it so hard for one person to understand the other? Like you, I wonder and answer: Why can't people understand each other? Why can't they stop saying I and start us?
Remember, it is a pool of questions that have not reached the goal of life. If the questions accumulated in this pool had reached its goal, there would be no trace of the evils that had strangled the world. But we still keep asking and waiting for some reason.
The questions you asked were sure to be the ones your parents had asked in the past. They joined the adult country with these questions and continued on their way. For some reason, human beings make great promises when they deprive them of something, and they offer sacrifices, but forget their past when they reach what they lack. To forget, to ignore and to pass is inherent in man.
When you're shelling bullets on the word, you actually just want to be understood and feel it, don't you?
You expect a sweet word, a little smile, a curl of compassion and understanding.
You want to be partially independent and live without the burden of the grown-ups in order to give you the strength to stand on your feet.
You want the partial rules to be stretched so that they make no contribution to your life and put obstacles in your way.
You want to spend more time with your friends and be quick. You want your presence to be recognized by other people.
You want to have a place on the social level.
But every time you stand up and you want to express yourself, you face a series of obstacles. Since these people cannot or cannot remove these obstacles, then plaster your arms and you will. How about you do it if you want!


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