Fatma Tuncer: "If you believe, you will succeed"

Fatma Tuncer: "If you believe, you will succeed"
Date: 29.6.2022 15:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on perseverance and determination. Here is the full article.

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A gentleman who makes a living from scrap business, fulfilled his hopeful dreams at the age of 75 and graduated from university. Young individuals, who were amazed by this uncle's perseverance and determination, talked about his use of time and expressed how they took him as a model for them.
The fact that a 75-year-old person, who spent his life in poverty and deprivation, realized his dream of university and attended the graduation ceremony by leaning on his stick, caused people to question their usual old age profile, and we witnessed that age is not an obstacle to learning. However, on the back of the photograph, there were traces left by those who were left in deprivation and passed away without completing their stories. They were not as lucky as this uncle.
What dreams or what does a 75-year-old person expect from life? What comes to life in your imaginations when you take into account a familiar, usual elderly profile? The questions took you to the hopeless glances of old people who lost their vitality and gave up on everything, didn't they? Our elders resemble a valuable work that contains dozens of valuable information, but whose pages are not allowed to be touched. Instead of presenting the information archive that has been filtered through the experiences to humanity, they prefer to put it on rusty shelves, ignore the life that gives hope, and wait for death. This is a loss both for these people and for young people who need their experience.
The story of generations who were deprived of their freedom and who could not find the opportunity to develop their existing potential resembles a destroyed city. Imagine that a huge city is buried in the ground with all the riches it contains, and nothing remains of these riches. Who knows which buds would bloom and which faces would smile in this city? Have you ever turned your head to look at the light in the eyes of the children who were abandoned on the way to work?
If these children, who are seen as a waste item, had the opportunity to realize their dreams, who knows in which channels they would open and what hearts would they touch? These children were no different than the others, of course, but they were abandoned in the desert of deprivation and withered before they had a chance to open. Children's sun was taken away, their hopes were destroyed and they could not express their resentment to anyone while they were thrown like a worthless object.
Our elders say that there is no age limit for reading, working, producing and touching hearts. But children whose feelings are bruised, whose wings are broken and who lose the love they lean on are caught in burnout syndrome and cannot resist. They think that their broken wings cannot grow back, and they have no hope of being able to fly. If they believed that those wings could get stronger and carry themselves to the blue of the sky and made an effort for this, dreams could blossom and new daisies could bloom, but this is not possible for everyone. The 75-year-old gentleman, who makes a living from scrap business, is one of the rare people who break this shell, hold on to hope and achieve their dreams. And his perseverance, determination and struggle became a model not only for those who could not achieve their dreams, but also for all of us. His struggle showed that there can be no obstacle in front of perseverance. If you want and make an effort, the mountains that you think are insurmountable will bow before you and you will continue to move forward.
A word:
“Man is a prisoner on earth. Only through knowledge can escape the dungeon of this world.” (Cemil Meric)


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