Fatma Tuncer: "Ignorance is man's worst enemy"

Fatma Tuncer: "Ignorance is mans worst enemy"
Date: 15.9.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on Ignorance. Here is the full article.

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When I left my house on a gloomy day and came to the bus stop, no one was around, I reached into my bag, took my rosary, and continued to wait. A moment later, a middle-aged lady approached me and pulled the rosary from my hand in anger, said, "This is a very private thing, you cannot show the rosary, it is a great sin" and began to fire away. I didn't answer, I lowered my head and put the rosary in my bag. However, the lady's anger did not subside, she questioned that it was a great sin to keep the rosary out, that I had to shut up and repent for days, and why I could not learn such important information as a veiled person. I listened to her patiently and tried to keep my silence, but the woman did not stay silent, she was trying to discharge all her feelings that she had suppressed throughout her life. The woman talked for half an hour, angered, judged, questioned, and when she realized that I was listening silently, she thought she had achieved her goal. The woman learned that, God forbid, seeing the rosary in your hand, even by accident, was an irreparable sin, and in this case, you would deserve all kinds of insults. When the woman saw that I was silent in the face of all these insults, she took my advice, convinced the interlocutor, and began to insult my mother and the teachers who did not teach me this…
Half an hour had passed, the woman tensed as she approached her stop, she was in a mood to show my strength when she found someone who didn't react. She was like a wrestler who had beaten her opponent as she got off the bus, she wasn't happy with the end of the road...
The passengers could not understand why I remained silent despite all the insults made to me and they were looking at me in a confused way. Honestly, I was thinking the same thing, why didn't I answer? I would like to answer this question with the following story:
It is rumored that a person returned to a community, talking about the sacrifice and telling the following: The prophet Dawoud, who had no child, prayed to Allah, said O Allah, give me a daughter, I will sacrifice her to you, and he had a daughter, named Aisha. When the time to sacrifice came, he laid his child down and just as he was about to slit her throat, Azrael came from the sky and brought a goat, and Dawoud left the girl and sacrificed the goat… One of the listeners couldn't stand it and my brother stood up now, what should I fix about this, not Dawoud, but he was Ibrahim, not a girl but was a boy, his name was Ismael, not Aisha. It is not Azrael, but was Jabrael, it is not a goat, but was a ram. 
How can you explain the value Islam gives to compassion and justice to a person who sees Almighty Allah, who surrounds His servants with His mercy, as a being who only punishes?
At a time when ignorance and moral corruption have reached the peak, how can you communicate with a person who does not realize the real problems and concentrates on the details? How can you explain to this person the empathy, understanding and delicacy of spirit that our Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) took into account in his human relations? Considering the situation in the Islamic world, the persecution in Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, East Turkestan, and the murdered children, women and young people, our honor, which has been trampled underfoot, is less important than the appearance of the rosary in ones hand. At what point can you get involved with an ignorant? How can you explain what the real danger is to a person who is keeping his head down and collecting pebbles from the ground while the neighborhood is burning? You can't tell this person anything, you can't explain your reason, so it's best to keep quiet. In such situations, silence will help you develop your patience and control your anger.  


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