Fatma Tuncer: "Man's war with himself"

Fatma Tuncer: "Mans war with himself"
Date: 26.6.2022 14:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on dangers in our society. Here is the full article.

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God has given us everything we need, the woman who gave birth to us, our mother, and with her support, we hold on to life. We climb the stairs one by one and become a part of the life that flows in unshakable harmony and we adapt to this flow. We do not have the right to choose our parents, gender, skin color and the geography we live in. We know that these are our destiny, we surrender. Our roles evolve according to the gender we have, and we organize our lives accordingly. But, strangely enough, human beings try to disrupt this order bestowed by Allah, and they rebel against His laws and profess divinity. While the realm of existence shows submission to the laws set by Allah without hesitation, man turns to actions that will shake the order of Allah and rebels. As a matter of fact, we see that the dominant system today supports and encourages all kinds of perversions aimed at destroying human nature, which is an indicator of the rapid increase in individuals who change gender.
In recent years, gender and queer theory, which has been tried to be injected into the subconscious of the society by being associated with the discourse of individual freedom, has greatly affected the gender perceptions of young individuals. The queer theory, which is based on the idea that men or women are not born, these identities are shaped according to the preferences of the individual, rejects the innate, destiny and emphasizes that you can choose the gender you prefer to the individual. This distorted approach argues that the established understanding of gender is the product of traditional beliefs, archaic structures and superstitions, and encourages deviance, especially among young people.
Gender theory or queer theory is presented as a way to eliminate violence and exclusionary attitudes against women and is tried to be injected into the subconscious of the masses. However, when you look at the back of the picture, you encounter a rebellion against the divine and the true, and you realize the extent of the danger. As a matter of fact, the concept of freedom mentioned here does not bring up the rights of the individual, on the contrary, this approach includes rejecting what God has granted, that is, opposition to the divine.
When you accept what is innate, you will have accepted fate due to its nature, and gender understandings, which are designed to disrupt the traditional fabric, are trying to destroy the belief in fate by displaying a reductionist approach. In other words, a revolt is made against creation and destiny over the concept of gender, and this outdated mentality is transferred to the peoples under the name of liberation.
Surrendering to fate is one of the conditions of faith, and we believe in what God has given us and show surrender. Because the world we live in is a testing ground and everything we own is a part of this exam. The order granted by Allah is of such a quality as to ensure the peace and tranquility of man, so man must maintain this order and ensure its continuity. However, the dominant system wants to declare its divinity by creating a human model who acts contrary to its nature and rebels against its creation. As a matter of fact, the gender reassignment operations that have increased rapidly in recent days show the dimensions of this rebellion.
Unfortunately, this perverted understanding has a heavy impact especially on young people, and our children are slipping out of our hands. So much so that when you wake up in the morning, your child can take a relaxed attitude as if talking about an ordinary matter and express that he wants to change his gender. And now, gender reassignment surgery is considered as natural as appendicitis surgery.
Individuals with sexual identity problems undergo gender reassignment surgery after a long support program and drift into loneliness, disconnection and an abyss. We believe without hesitation that the order set by Allah is sufficient for human happiness. As a matter of fact, we see that trans individuals who do not like what Allah has created, reject creation, try to change or transform it, fall into an intense emptiness, loneliness, depressive problems and despair, and have difficulty holding on to life.
The desire to change the gender of a person who came into the world as a girl or a boy is a mental problem, and the necessary treatment and support should be provided without conflicting with the young person by looking at the event from this window. In the treatment process, spirituality should be included in medical and psychological support, and the individual should be conscious of who he is.
The increase in sex reassignment surgeries and the normalization of this situation naturally trigger our concerns, but instead of focusing on the solution of the problem, we are only interested in the cultural dimension of the event. However, it is essential that our remarkable medical doctors, educators, families and religious scholars come together and cooperate in solving the problem. Otherwise, it may not be possible to prevent this growing danger.


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