Fatma Tuncer: "Motherhood is an innate requirement"

Fatma Tuncer: "Motherhood is an innate requirement"
Date: 19.8.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes motherhood. Here is the full article.

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A lady in her fifties… Carries her dog tenderly tied to her chest with a specially crafted cloth… The woman slowly touches the dog's head and tries to reassure it. She sees the dog not as an animal, but as an asset that she invests in love and care.
I later learned that the woman had been betrayed five years ago and had separated from her husband and was trying to make a living with her pension in the one-room house she rented after her divorce. The woman spent part of her pension on her dog and took care not to neglect anything about it.
The woman severed all ties with her relatives and did not have a single friend to knock on her door. She turned all his expectations to the animal she was carrying and even looked for someone to look after it after her death. The woman has forgotten that the animal she carries in her arms is an animal, she has given her human support and opened up to the world of dreams. Women can no longer see what people can focus on events. In order not to face the pain, she closed her perceptions and became unconcerned.
She can no longer be sad or happy…
I have always expressed that motherhood is an innate necessity, and that puts the woman in a higher position. Twenty years ago, my brothers and sisters would join my statements and give examples of the gains of motherhood. In my work with young people today, I witness that some of our young people say that they 'have the right not to prefer motherhood and that they can feel more free'. These children, who are under the influence of secularism, look at the event with Western glasses, not with a Muslim glasses, but they are not aware of it.
Mankind comes to the world within certain needs. For example, believing is a need, when a person does not give up the need to believe in the right direction, he acquires false gods to worship and departs from the line of truth. He blesses the reasons, the people, the goods, the cities, the land, the stone, and tries to calm his soul by giving them divinity, but in vain! When one does not channel this emotion to the right space, he begins to love the haram and prostitution, and he is surprised by the compass. Such people have the need to pray, worship, to establish intimacy with their own kind, to become a parent, to establish a family and to eat and drink. People have the right not to marry or not to have children, but to be fit parents and to educate and prepare the child for life. Whether it's a man or a woman, that's right.
Educators often express the effects of the mother on the child and talk about the contribution of a correct mother to the child. However, the child has numerous contributions to the mother. While the mother is busy with the education and upbringing of the child, she learns sacrifice, unrequited love, patience and endurance. The mother has many experiences in training the child and can use these experiences in her practical life. For this reason, young individuals should not avoid being a mother or father and should benefit from the benefits of this.


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