Fatma Tuncer: "Muslim's test with the virus"

Fatma Tuncer: "Muslims test with the virus"
Date: 24.3.2020 16:30

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on coronavirus. Here is the full article.

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The coronavirus, which emerged in China and spread all over the world, affected the political, economic and social balances to a large extent. While experts say the virus is exaggerated and invites people to calm, global media continues to impose fear. A small virus affected the whole world. No one is looking at the lockers in the back of the photo anymore. Nobody talks about the massacred people in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, East Turkistan. Nobody talks about the resources exploited by the wild West, the values ​​it sweeps, the pressures and impositions it exerts on innocents. Nobody talks about the fate of refugees drifting on the shores, the innocent people who were massacred in India. Nobody talks about the scenarios built on the Middle East and Palestine. Global media focuses on virus news and possible problems that the virus can cause.
Although it is claimed that the virus spreading from China to all over the world is passed through animals, strategists say that the virus is a chemical weapon that stands out to move to the targeted digital world order. Strategists discuss how the virus originated, where it was produced, which political and commercial structures it targeted, and what is planned in the future. Commercial exchanges with China are temporarily placed and China is the country of viruses that fear the mind. China, which has targeted Muslim peoples in East Turkestan and murdered them mercilessly, now spends most of its work by fighting this killer virus.
The coronavirus is spreading more and more in China, Iran, and Europe. This dark danger, which also spreads to our country, is meticulously followed and tried to be controlled. Necessary precautions are taken especially for our hopeful citizens. Everyone is worried, everyone is waiting in a panic. Just yesterday, refugees go offensive, why they did not fight, why they came, and they will almost enter the needle hole to be protected from coronavirus. The shelves of the markets are emptied, the houses are filled with food stocks, masks, colonies, cleaning products are sold like cookies, and this works for the imperialist powers. Mental problems such as stress, tension and anxiety that people experience are another aspect of the work.
Wars vomiting death in our age are not only carried out with bombs. Weapons are produced in laboratories and sometimes squeezed into the air, sometimes they are injected into the products we eat and drink, and sometimes they are presented as medicines. Global powers are trying every way to activate the scenario they wrote for us. And death, poverty, illness always target innocent people, extinguish their hearth.
The exaggerated explanation of the coronavirus from China to Iran, Italy and Europe and the measures that could be taken dragged our people to fear and panic. Imagine you are using all the possibilities you have, but there is a small amount of virus coming and it makes you ineffective with a big move. You cannot run the roads you run for life, you cannot overcome the obstacles you overcome. Your connection with life is weakening and you start running in front of a virus while you see yourself at the top. Would you ever wait for that? If nobody said that you could do anything, would you believe that if you told me you would run with a life guard in front of a tiny virus? The virus that does not fall off the agenda and creates danger is the same effect it has on the human, whether it has emerged spontaneously or produced in the biological warfare laboratory. Sense of death, pain, poverty and helplessness. We live in an age when Muslims lose their right to speak and their courage. Global terrorists speak on our behalf, they decide on our behalf, they exploit our vital resources. Everything from the air we breathe to the products we consume is under their control. They run horses as they wish in our household, they slaughter what they want and take what they want to the skies. However, it is a pity that the Muslim leaders, who remain faint and faint on the world stage, cannot come together to form a union of forces and end this captivity. What a pain!


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