Fatma Tuncer: "Muslim's test with the virus-2"

Fatma Tuncer: "Muslims test with the virus-2"
Date: 25.3.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on coronavirus. Here is the full article.

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The images of the massacres, which continue uninterruptedly in our geography, have become so ordinary that neither the child corpses that hit the shores, the cities that are bombed every minute, nor the innocents who are murdered can stimulate our hearts. We perceive the news of the massacres and violence that continue without interruption as an ordinary case and we lose our sensitivity completely. Imagine a trace of viruses, politicians, people who could have a say in the society, people who consider themselves as pilgrims, people who talk about Islamic consciousness at every opportunity have removed the massacres that continue a little further.
Unfortunately, global media completely shapes the thoughts and behaviors of individuals or societies today. Our people are crying that the media they see as role models are crying, laughing when they laugh, and indifferent to what they are lacking. These vehicles, which turn people into almost lifeless robots, not only convey the distorted mentality of the global powers, but also desensitize and guide our perceptions.
How did a virus from China change our lives in a matter of minutes? Our people, who rushed to the markets with the fear of losing their ties with life, almost emptyed the shelves. For the first time in the history of Cologne, it was so popular, it sells cleaning products. People are freaking out of their wardrobes with the worry that we cannot go out, and they use all the available facilities to protect themselves. Those who threw away about the refugees who faced the bitter face of the war started to be thrown left and right with the fear of a virus.
Faith in the hereafter is one of the conditions of Islam. Unfortunately, today's Muslims, who claim to believe in the hereafter, either could not correctly understand the concepts such as question, account, hell, or their faith in these concepts did not fall into their hearts, and they could not take root and influence their lives. Because we know that hell prepared for the bad and the bad is a place where there are more severe torments than deadly viruses, diseases, poverty and deprivation. Hell is a more frightening reality than the heaviest suffering in the world! But people did not believe in the effects of a virus as much as they believed in the hereafter, question, question and account.
There are also those who agree that the virus, which completely affects political, social and economic life, is a digital attack. Stratejijst Abdullah Çiftçi stated in 2016 that the world is in the process of transitioning to a blockhain-based digital society and the transition will be carried out with virus outbreaks. These statements, which did not attract much attention at that time, are reevaluated by associating them with what happened today. Because Çiftçi stated in his explanation that there will be a biological viral outbreak in the near future and emphasized that this will be a social experiment for the global world. While evaluating this process, Çiftçi stated that the industrial revolution will be tested and changed. He stated that with the perception of the virus created, the use of cash will disappear and the digital money period will pass, the robots will enter our lives effectively and education will be online, and he pointed out that the background of this project is also being prepared. When we look at the effects of the coronavirus that the whole world focuses on, we see that this approach is not an approach to be taken into the wild. Because after the virus epidemic, a perception was made that the virus could pass through money very easily, robots were activated, and schools in many countries switched to the online system. So, what about the dire incidents, as mentioned, and the steps to transition to a digital society? What consequences will the robots replace human beings and individuals move away from social life and narrow their living spaces? First of all, this approach will deprive people of their basic needs, such as working, making efforts, losing gains, gaining a place in the social field. And over time, man will lose his spiritual depth and emotional sensitivity and become a version of digital vehicles and robots. I think this is what is wanted to be done.


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