Fatma Tuncer: "Nothing was like we thought"

Fatma Tuncer: "Nothing was like we thought"
Date: 13.9.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on daily life issues. Here is the full article.

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Although educators and psychiatrists continue to emphasize the importance of values ​​education, it is getting harder and harder to introduce our children to these values. Because we are faced with a virtual world that completely invades our lives, where models are presented not only to children but also to young people and adults as to how they should live and how they should act. Even if the relevant institutions or persons express that television, internet and mobile phones can open the door to danger when they are not used for their intended purpose, and they focus on media literacy training, hidden messages are constantly flowing into our minds.
The media sector, which is under the control and entourage of global powers, transforms us by bringing lifestyles that do not belong to us to our homes and even our pockets.
So much so that, after a while, we start to imitate the lives of the heroes of the series we hit the ground from where we criticize and resemble them. The night is slowly dripping on us and soon we give the painted one to the dark. And we become in such a way that we discard our identity, cultural values, and the elements that make us who we are, and we alter.
Those who lived in the spring of middle age remember that there was a comic book hero called Red Kit in his childhood. At that time, we weren't familiar with the screens, and we didn't even think these images would affect us. We used to think we were having fun and having a good time while locking the screens. Though this hero was completely alien to our lives and our cultural fabric, we would lock on the screens and try to understand his loneliness that is integrated with his horse. Red Kit was detached from the family, he wandered alone, lived alone, but his enemies, the Daltons, were a wicked family and would try to harm him. For some reason, family members living together were portrayed as bad figures.
This hero, who lived alone and with his animal, would defeat his enemy and win. The so-called message was clear, the good wins, the wicked lose… When you evaluate the event with the sensitivity of a sane person, you know; the bad of course lost from the beginning and has never been on the winners' side. When you look at the event from a materialist perspective, the winners are only those who have the material power, as we see the practical reflections of this today. But in order to confuse the minds of societies that care about family and sharing, the movie protagonist was portrayed as a lonely but good person, detached from the family.
The Red Kit typing, which left its mark on a period, was precisely the Western human prototype. Because the cowboy, which is engraved in the subconscious of children, is a lonely person who is addicted to mental problems and establishes an affinity with animals rather than humans. Instead of joining life, he is someone who goes to deserted places and prefers to live here. Red Kit is not married, has no family to embrace him affectionately, and spends his time with his horse. The enemies he pursues, the Daltons, are a family, but they are very afraid of the mother, who is an authority figure. Children cannot express their thoughts, cannot interfere with the mother, and cannot speak in front of the mother. Relationships with the mother are based on fear, which gives a negative meaning to the concept of family.
I wonder if it was shown as a Western model to societies that attach importance to this lone cowboy family institution, which is engraved in the subconscious of generations. As a matter of fact, in Western societies, which are accepted as the mother of civilization, family members cannot strengthen family ties and establish emotional ties with their relatives, even though they have the comfort they want in financial terms. Under the name of emancipation, children break from the family at the most critical period of their lives and become independent in their own way. However, this situation deprives them of the values ​​such as love, affection, sharing and solidarity that they can gain from their relationships with their parents. Young people trapped in individual cells become selfish and are incapable of communicating with the other.
Western people, who cannot strengthen family ties and strive to live as individuals, come up with solutions in their own way in order to cure the gap and disconnection in their inner world and buy an animal with which they can establish a relationship. So much so that in these societies, animals that are detached from their liberty and become objects of love for modern people are almost forced to become human. Special foods, accessories and special areas are produced for animals that are given the role of human, and people who break their ties with their relatives try to get satisfaction by establishing proximity with the animal.
Visual and audio media is the greatest power and power tool of our age. For this reason, societies that hold the media sector can direct the whole world and direct generations as they wish. Muslims should be able to actively use these tools in the political, social and educational field. They should be able to offer role models to our children from our own historical dynamics and convey messages that reflect our own cultural texture.


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