Fatma Tuncer: "The distorted role models that presented to young people"

Fatma Tuncer: "The distorted role models that presented to young people"
Date: 22.9.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on K-Pop danger. Here is the full article.

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Recently, there has been talk about the cultural disinformation left by a pop group of Korean origin on young people, and it is stated that especially children in the 12-18 age group are more easily caught in the trap of such groups. K-Pop groups, who seek answers to the question of who am I, pump into their networks that they will have a different and higher identity than the others, and disidentify them. I think that the hegemonic powers want to create a genderless generation by presenting a model from the East to the peoples who complain about the corruption of Western culture.
The K-Pop group, which develops discourses that will attract the attention of young people, puts adolescents to the test and passes their unusual clothes, facial expressions, and private lives through certain processes, and then sees them as a member of K-Pop and asks them to follow the prescribed rules. As you can see, the principles established on genderlessness and corruption are almost put to rest and transferred to young individuals.
Adolescence is an important period for the individual, and the Muslim youth forms his identity in a healthy way through the education he receives and the role models he chooses, and he continues his life without being caught in unethical influences. Young individuals who cannot form their self-identity in a healthy way easily fall into the trap of groups such as K-Pop and cannot easily get out of here. Because such groups outlaw substance use, offer gender neutrality, pledge allegiance, and try to keep their victims by pretending to be a religion.
K-Pop is pumped as an alternative to young individuals who imitate the moral corruption of the West, and its effectiveness is tried to be increased by presenting it as a religion. This export of culture, which continues through Korean music, is also supported by the state, and an attempt is made to spread a perverted trend defined as gender neutral. It is conveyed that young people can choose their gender by their own will, and rainbow symbols used by LGBT are used.
By keeping the fact that K-Pop originated in North Korea, the main purpose is to be kept away from attention. However, all groups, all cultural structures that emerge outside of the values ​​prescribed by Islam, come together in the same pool even if they flow in different lanes and disrupt the nature of human beings.


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