Fatma Tuncer: "The misuse of technology triggers autism"

Fatma Tuncer: "The misuse of technology triggers autism"
Date: 21.1.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete writer Fatma Tuncer writes on technology's effects on our lives. Here is the full article.

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Experts say that uncontrolled use of technological means by children triggers autism. In 1945, one in 5,000 children were diagnosed with autism in America, and this number increased to 45 children. Research shows that in countries where technology is used more, autism is higher. While there is not much of a problem of autism in African countries that do not experience digital revolution, this problem is increasing in societies living with technology.
Using the term autism as the first Marius Zamfir, in his study on children with autism in Romania, found that these children stayed on the screen for four or five hours a day. The study of Zamfir revealed that children had the opportunity to study objects and to pass the time better when they moved away from the screen. The child locked in the screen cannot find the opportunity to communicate with the objects and to improve their mind, they are locked into the opposite image like a inanimate object.
Do not forget; Children between the ages of 0-4 who spend most of the time on the screen are waiting for the danger of autism. Children who are away from screens, play with objects, communicate with peers and go to social interaction. The child recognizes and identifies the outside world through objects. Staying on screen causes the child to be deprived of these experiences.
Improper use of television and other means of communication adversely affects the social, emotional and language development of the child. Uncontrolled programs in children over the age of 6 cause fear and sleep disorder. Experts recommend that children aged 2-5 should not stay longer than 1 hour on the screen. The mother should, if possible, provide her child with natural environments and be able to communicate actively with her.
The children of the technology giants were sent to schools where their children were used in chalkboard, chalk and natural objects. Our children were introduced to the tablets as soon as they were born. Those who pushed them into a virtual world in the formation process of their identity and personality, then we started to complain about where we made mistakes and how we could not protect our children and to seek out guilty. Criminals, virtues and virtues of the environment that can draw the social environment by making us prisoners are the technology!
Today, working mothers leave their children to the caregiver and go to work. In the remaining time, instead of spending time with the child, they engage them with a tablet or television and avoid responsibility. This situation causes disturbance in the child, compliance problems and communication disruption. The child cannot adapt to his friends and cannot bond with family members. In order not to invite such problems, mothers should spend quality time with their children and introduce them to life. Otherwise, these vehicles will be inviting our children and will invite them to mental and physical illnesses.


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