Fatma Tuncer: "The test of people with the virus"

Fatma Tuncer: "The test of people with the virus"
Date: 30.12.2020 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on Covid-19 outbreak. Here is the full article.

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While the coronavirus is effective all over the world, people are looking for a remedy that they can hold on like a drowning man will clutch at a straw. There are dozens of questions occupying our minds: When will the virus leave the world? How will the course of life change after coronavirus? While the peoples seen as subjects are busy with these questions, explanations pointing to the course of the new world order are made from above. Those who produce the virus have already calculated the desperation of the people, how they will activate their plans and how much they can earn from the vaccine. As a matter of fact, in the pre-coronavirus periods, we would witness that Bill Gates and his wife travel continually to talk about viruses and make vaccine propaganda. Therefore, during the pandemic process, this person's statements on the screens, pointing to the virus, artificial intelligence, digital world and vaccine, did not surprise us at all. He found it as if he had made it by the hands of our elders, and the man seems very confident when explaining the fate of the virus, when it will end, and how to design the new world order. Immediately after the known statements, the US Pfiser and German BioNTech companies are trying to convince the people who have surrendered to despair by announcing that they have developed vaccines.
While the virus continues its effect, the vaccine developed against the so-called virus is on the agenda of the world. Our Minister of Health excitedly explains: “We have talks that Pfizer will be able to give us 1 million vaccines, up to 25 million a year. There are 16 domestic vaccine studies. We want to buy at least 10 million Chinese vaccine,” he says. Doubts about how local the domestic vaccine is, on the other hand, remains on the agenda.
In a process where the virus affects the whole world, the vaccine is touted as a savior hand. Naturally, in this process, we can predict what kind of treatment people who do not look at the vaccine will encounter. Although the vaccine is presented as a solution, it contains dozens of doubts, and many people refuse the vaccine, citing that global powers can keep the world population under control in this way, transform individuals into passive objects by robotizing them, and change the human gene and cause serious problems. However, it turns out that these people will somehow be forced to vaccinate and lose their resistance.
The corona has been used as a tool in the transition to the new world order that has been voiced for thirty years, and I think the real problem will begin from now on. As a matter of fact, in the new process, it is mentioned about robots that will replace human beings, the function of artificial intelligence, and the questionable vaccines and chips, which will probably be the subjects of the new era and people will try to be persuaded to vaccinate.
There are dozens of questions that cannot be answered in our minds, but to whom to ask, who will be able to give us a reasonable explanation… Our people have surrendered to despair and are waiting for a reasonable news from the highest authorities of politics, the Scientific Committee. But is it possible to make an independent statement on such a critical issue in this process? Who will take the stone? Who can take risks? Apparently, the decisions to be taken will be in line with the orders and directives of the groups that take on the lordship of the world... We don't know!
Almost everyone is aware that certain lobbies have a hand in vaccination studies, everyone is aware of who is ruled and guided by the world, but nobody can dare to say bad and avoid it.
We are members of a religion that looks at not what people have, but how they believe and live, and that brings the world together with justice, but our honor is underfoot, we do not see the fire that surrounds the chimneys of our houses and we are busy throwing mud at each other. The chimneys of our houses have caught fire, the fire has surrounded the whole neighborhood, but our devout and so-called scholars discuss whether the fig seed that is swallowed will break the fast, and they avoid being consoled with the apple candy put in their hands and refraining from saying the truth. For God's sake, where can we reach and whom can we benefit with this heedlessness and ignorance?
In our educational institutions where Islamic sciences are studied, there are not trained people who can go beyond theological, fiqh, economic and ideological debates, evaluate the events in all their aspects and distinguish between friends and foes, why? Let's not produce defense mechanisms and try to relieve our conscience, everyone who claims to believe in what happened, we all have a share and we no longer have the strength to endure.
When will the sun rise to our provinces? When will we stop being heedless, lethargic, cringe, submit to persecution, compromise and make excuses? It is too late… Now it is time to wake up, we have to rebuild the walls that have risen from where we fell and collapsed. We have to.


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