Fatma Tuncer: "There are also good things in life"

Fatma Tuncer: "There are also good things in life"
Date: 26.7.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on life. Here is the full article.

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You want to leave the tiredness of the years and say hello to the day. However, in a world where war, murder, violence, hunger, earthquake, flood and epidemic diseases are wandering, your enthusiasm is being broken and you lose your energy.
Disasters coming from Allah are a means of testing, with this consciousness we have patience and surrender. But we cannot accept the violence and hatred produced by the servants and we are filled with anger. Whichever newspaper we look at, which channel we press, we encounter evil people suffer ... While our old world is witnessing dozens of persecution, there are a few clean people on the shore, which also enrich our hopes. Or how could we breathe in this darkness and in a world where the bullies are dangerous?
You remember, the Tevhide aunt and her husband, who tenderly embraced the security staff who visited them, sprinkled our hearts and we were under the influence of these statements for a long time. Tevhide, who opened her volunteers to all children after her son's death, was chatting with the gendarmerie team, asking if you have a request for them at the door, she was offering them and saying “Come again when grapes are present”. What does the grape mean for an 84-year-old village woman? As you know, the garden is the wardrobe of the people of the village, as they run to the markets to meet the needs of the urban people, they descend to the peasant garden, gather their fruits and vegetables and thank them for the blessings bestowed by God. The peasant man knows the language of the fruit, soil, sun and uses the products he has in accordance with his purpose. He treats the fruits he has picked from his branch to his children and takes energy from the smiles on their faces.
Grape is not a product you buy and consume from greengrocer for Tevhide Aunt. Grapes are fruitfulness that changes from fruit to molasses and from molasses to love. Anatolian people offer a handful of grapes to make children happy and take their hearts.
In the Tawhid, the aunt knocking on the door of the aunt opens her heart and insists that the bride comes on time. Because grapes mean heart, love means sharing, means reward.
You may have noticed the anxiety in the eyes of young people who will take the university exam. Young people who spend the whole night sleeplessly set out with the first lights of the morning. Children have a heavy pressure on them… They walk in a contemplative state, and their anxiety about not meeting their parents 'and teachers' expectations made them forget everything.
You have to win, or what will be the effort we give, and it is left under the gratitude. Then, that day came and frowned, and the young could not get rid of that heavy load on their shoulders… The young is located in a clamp… It is believed that the only factor that will determine their material needs, their reputation in the eyes of the family, their position in society. That's why their concerns are increasing. He is hungry, nervous, anxious and believes that he has no choice but to walk this path. How can I explain this to my elders if I cannot win or succeed? These questions occupy your mind.
In the past weeks, all young people fell with these feelings and entered the exam under difficult conditions. Eray was a young individual who took the exam on the same day and at the same time. He came to Nilüfer Şehitler Secondary School alone for the exam. Apart from the exam papers, he had only 10 liras in his pocket, and there was no one he could quit when entering the exam. Then the exam time had come, Eray took out the money in his pocket and put it under a stone right near the school. He would take the exam and take his way home.
The exam had already begun, parents were praying outside for their children. When a teenager waiting for his brother to leave the exam pushed the stone on the floor to see it, he saw the money Eray had left. The teenager looked at the money and had a bittersweet feeling, and Eray waited at the beginning of the money until he left the exam. The young knew how important 10 lira was for Eray, and the following statements, which reveal his dignity, were noted: “I will be waiting here until you come, my brother ...”


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