Fatma Tuncer: "There are colors of fanaticism"

Fatma Tuncer: "There are colors of fanaticism"
Date: 10.7.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on fanaticism. Here is the full article.

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A middle-aged lady sat next to me as I returned home from work tired in the afternoon. The lady was meaningless looking into the void and talking to herself. She seemed to have forgotten the people around him, pretending to be left alone in a deserted valley. At one point she missed the measure and started to rain. I couldn't resist when her anger attitude continued uninterruptedly… She started to convey her feelings of anger and reproach as if she were looking for someone to open her up. According to her testimony, the local elections in the past her husband's brother was candidate for the village headman. Her husband asked her to temporarily take her residence address with his (candidate's) family to the village to support his source. But the lady said she would vote for a different political party and rejected her husband's request. When he (candidate) learned that she would not vote for the party he had pointed out, he (candidate) began to attack her and her children and threaten them with death. The woman who was subjected to severe violence took refuge in the police station with her children and petitioned for divorce…
When you say fanaticism, don't just think of football teams, there are those who are fans of the party or community. In fact, these people have no tolerance for an opposition, an opposition. They believe that their teams are just right and they see all kinds of violence against the other party. However, in our culture, individuals have the right to defend and defend their beliefs and thoughts within the framework of respect.


The election of the municipality for Istanbul has made our people confront each other. Those who could not meet their expectations after the election started to look for a scapegoat where they could blame crime instead of self-criticism. While the debate continued after the elections, no one dared to say ayranım sour, brother sister, uncle nephew, neighboring neighbor, father and son began to animosity. People who can not digest the situation are loaded left and right and continue to search for criminals.
Of course, each individual or every community has the freedom to transfer and maintain its own thought and ideology to the other side. But I have difficulty understanding; Since the elections were given the opportunity for our people to use their free will and votes without any influence, then why is this pressure imposed? Almost people will put the gun in the throat and impose that you have to make your choice in this direction. In my opinion, one of the reasons why these people do not meet their expectations is this imposing, provocative, marginalizing provocation and insulting attitude. You can transfer your own truths to the other side respectfully, but in no way can you put people under pressure and force them. The power of our God was enough to turn the hearts of all people and make them deserving of heaven. So, He left the choice to man after recommending the right thing. But we, human beings, crossed the line and tried to lynch others who did not think like us and did not behave like us. This is a cruelty.


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