Fatma Tuncer: "Three Syrian children's words that made history"

Fatma Tuncer: "Three Syrian childrens words that made history"
Date: 14.3.2019 15:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on Syrian children. Here is the full article.

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When you say children, games and toys come alive in your thoughts, right? Because the child rehearses life through games and toys, imitates the behavior of adults through the game. When you ask to him/her what he/she wants he/she looks at your face with a shy facial expression and tells you about his/her dream toy. Because the game is his/her job, the game is his/her bridge over with life. But this is not possible for the children of the war. They pass through the street of childhood and they are forced into the roles of adults. Children’s get on a heavy load on their shoulders and work with their all forces to carry this load. The games are now just stayed in dreams of the children of the war. The war, death, poverty and deprivation bring all kinds of in their innocent worlds. The children of the war cannot live any childhood, nor can they enjoy the youth. Now the time is spent carrying the heavy load that is loaded into the tiny body.
When a Syrian boy gives his last breath lifts his index finger and 'I am going to complain all of you to Allah' he says. In the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child emphasizes that 'Children belong to all of us'. So, no matter which geography he/she lives, no matter which ethnic or cultural structure he/she belongs, to protect the rights of the children, to ensure their safety, it is under our responsibility of the adults. If the children cannot play freely in the gardens of their houses, If they cannot fly their kites in the sky, If they cannot feel safe, and if they have to spend their lives between the images of shredded corpses, this sin is all of us. If we cannot protect them, Syrian girl will go down in history and always echo in our ears every child will have the right to say that words: 'I am going to complain all of you to Allah'.
Because of the bombings caused by global terrorism a girl who was left under the rubble ‘Uncle, my clothing is not available do not take my picture' says. For, terrorists are while continuing their occupation destroying all the values ​​that we can say belongs to us. It drills our privacy limits, it violates our individual limits and transforms us into a lifeless object. A girl growing up with Islamic culture remains under the ruins and wants to preserve the cultural values ​​she has integrated with her existence.
Do you see? Terrorists destroy all of our routines and our children at the beginning of their lives are met with the ugly face of war. We will not fill the fig nucleus by increasing the issues saying that our child's psychology is broken and when running into the therapists, the children of the war carry tons of pain in their uncleaned selves.
In Syria a child crying from hunger, 'God, I am very hungry, take us to heaven and let us fill our stomach in there,' he/she prays. The child victimized by war, the life his peers dreamed and cannot even bring the vast world of games to their dreams. For, global terrorism has not only taken these children homes, it did not take their parents in their hands away at the same time it took their dreams and took their fancy extending to the horizons. Now the only power that keeps the children of the war alive is the prayers that are poured out of their innocent hearts.


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