Fatma Tuncer: "Unless rhetoric turns into action"

Fatma Tuncer: "Unless rhetoric turns into action"
Date: 25.2.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on Islamic World. Here is the full article.

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Within the scope of the International Tennis Federation held in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, the Tunisian women's tennis team and the Israeli team would face. But the country's foreign ministry has acted honorably and opposed this encounter. The Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a statement and emphasized that Israel violated its commitments to the Palestinian cause, and stated that there would be no relationship with this country, including the sports field. The statement said: "Sports matches with Israel are in contradiction with Tunisia's support for the struggle of the Palestinian people and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its capital, Jerusalem."
While Islamic societies continue to pay for the mistakes made in a timely manner, the rulers of these societies keep their honor and trample their honor. Muslim peoples struggle against war, poverty, epidemic diseases, and the rulers, who are eager to direct the masses, and the managers, who are eager to direct the masses, can not get out of the role that their masters give their cats. These people, who say “Down with Israel” in the squares to open up their voters, open the doors to the end to make the occupation of the occupying Israel and the USA easier. Though they used hamasi expressions in the front, commercial, military and economic agreements with Israel and the USA continue to last. US superiors placed in the most critical points of our country are actively used. The majority of the products we eat, drink and use are Israeli products that kill children in Palestine. The most consumed cola brand in the world has admitted its support to Israel and unfortunately, cola is among the indispensable of our children. Many of the products that we buy from the markets and are the main crown of our kitchen are made in Israel, and every penny spent on these products is a bullet for the Palestinian children.
As long as our discourses do not turn into action, nothing will change in our personal life or in the social sphere. For this reason, our leaders need to come together on the axis of the Islamic Union, end military, commercial, economic and political agreements with Israel and the USA and establish their own solidarity networks. Islamic countries should take remarkable steps in science, technology and cultural fields and avoid being dependent on the West. Those who submit agriculture, which is one of our most basic needs, to the initiative of Israel, should know that they will account to Allah and should try to compensate their mistakes.


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