Fatma Tuncer: "Was the war our fate?"

Fatma Tuncer: "Was the war our fate?"
Date: 20.1.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on our region and history. Here is the full article.

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A young man studying at the university asked a question: It is not possible to understand why massacres and wars occur in our lands, why our children are massacred. Children do not die in the West, massacres are not carried out, houses are not destroyed, cities are not occupied, but blood and tears never stop in our geography... So why? Is war our destiny? We all ask this question, but we have not yet reached a conclusion that can be a solution. Because we deviate even small issues and fall into each other and lose our resistance. So why? What should we do? Where have we been negligent? Where did we stop? I do not know.
There is no to stand up and we seem to have accepted the defeat. But we cannot know the wisdom of events, we can give meaning to what is visible, but we cannot grasp the secret of the invisible. We cannot understand if this is a defeat or a time that God has bestowed on us to gain resistance. Of course, everything that happens to us happens as a result of our mistakes, negligence and serialized illness. But we also know that the violence and persecution of the enemy is not victory. Because victory does not happen with persecution, victory takes place in the heart of virtuous hearts. For this reason, we believe heartily that there will be days when our geographically occupied geography will be conquered with virtues.
If our God wishes, He can split the deserted deserts into the oceans, drowning the sea and saving Moses, drowning the oppressors in a snap, but He wants us to fight. However, it is a pity that Muslims cannot get rid of the serialization disease they hold. This naturally facilitates the job of the enemy. The man comes up from the other side of the world, creates bases in our geography, settles here and creates illegal organizations using our children and occupies our land using them. So how? With what courage does it do? Unfortunately, Muslims who fall into one another unwittingly cause the enemy to get stronger.
There was a Muslim prototype that the West wanted to create in the Islamic geography, using the global media networks, they pumped the perception of good Muslims and bad Muslims in individuals' minds and achieved their goals in this regard. Accordingly, the ideal Muslim was a Muslim prototype who did not touch the water, did not transmit religion to world affairs, can live according to the norms of modernity, but performs his prayers when necessary, fasting and calls the prophet of God, this distorted understanding was immediately accepted in a society that was cut from its roots. And with the influence of the global media, shallow generations have emerged that cannot form their identity, are inconsistent, unbalanced and alien to their values. These people opened the Qur'an from the funeral to the funeral, fought against the essential principles of Islam, and lived and thought like a Westerner. The Muslim prototype, which the West regarded as dangerous, was the Muslim prototype that learned religion from its main skies, believed that Islam was a religion that would rule all areas of life, and took the example of Rasulullah (pbuh), which the West launched them as jihadist, dangerous people. Unfortunately, he persuaded his local collaborators and brought down Muslim peoples to each other. Believers and conscious Muslims were shown as danger and declared enemies. This distorted approach weakened values ​​such as love and affection that brought Muslims closer together, and believers came together and became unable to find solutions to their problems. This situation greatly pleased and encouraged the enemy. Muslims did not realize that they were deceived and continued to shoot each other. And they still do.


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