Fatma Tuncer: "What's going on in our neighborhood?"

Fatma Tuncer: "Whats going on in our neighborhood?"
Date: 17.7.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on homosexuality. Here is the full article.

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In recent years, not only in the West, but also in our country under the name of “freedom for homosexuals” we have seen the display of non-moral images. Against these images, three different reflexes rise from different segments of society: those who think that homosexuality should be dealt with in the context of freedoms and that these people have the right to marry and join the society. The group that claims the problem is unacceptable and provokes the unconscious masses and encourages violence. And the segment that says it is based on the protection of the nature and believes that this situation causes harm to the family institution, but it is better to focus on the solution of the problem instead of triggering violence.
In the center of Islam, it embraces values ​​such as compassion, justice and argues that a perfectly created person has the right to meet these values ​​under any circumstances. Because if it was not, the creature who had made a mistake would not have the right to seek repentance and repentance from Allah's mercy. In Islamic culture, human relations have not been based on violence and hate, but have been centered on compassion and love. Therefore, I think that these people can be encouraged instead of exclusion, snoring and othering, and they can be treated and returned to their nature. Most experts agree that this is an inconvenience. “Interest in the same sex is initially described as a hormone-related psychological disorder ”(Psychiatrist Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan). Professor Dr. Nevzat Tarhan says that this problem is accepted as a hormonal disorder and as a result of pressure from family and environment, it is seen as gender identity disorder.
Islam allowed the treatment of sexes born to androgynous and supported the dominant sex. However, experts say that very few of these problems, which are rapidly increasing, are due to psychological traumas or different factors that are usually experienced during childhood or adolescence.
There will certainly be those who argue that homosexuality is a preference and a difference. However, this situation was evaluated not only in Islamic societies but also in the world axis from the point of beliefs, customs and traditions of societies and common reactions emerged common reflexes. So why? Because society is a large version of the family, any danger to the family institution directly affects the society. The family consists of healthy parents and children. We have to admit that homosexuality is a problem that threatens the family in particular. For this reason, the family should identify the problem with their children early and get professional support.
Homosexuality existed in the past, but today we see that this problem is increasing and these people are trying to give messages to the square to accept themselves. Certainly, the negotiations for the EU, some of the agreements signed and the social legal implications of this have a great effect on this. However, we cannot attribute the problem to a single cause, so the relevant experts should investigate the incident in all aspects and produce solutions that touch the ground.
Those who exaggerate their reactions and believe that they can solve the problem by raising their voices should turn to themselves and ask the following questions:
Why are our youngsters evolving towards sexual deviation? What conditions might have triggered this problem? Mother's lovelessness,  father's repressive attitude? Violence? Sexual abuse in childhood?
Are there conditions that would disrupt our hormonal balance? First, we should identify these cracks in the family and social areas and seek remedies. Otherwise, the cracks will grow, the water entering will sink the family and completely destroy it.


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