Fatma Tuncer: "Where did we make mistake?"

Fatma Tuncer: "Where did we make mistake?"
Date: 19.1.2022 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on daily life. Here is the full article.

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The sad story of Enes, who was studying at the medical school, affected all of us deeply, and we discussed the measures that can be taken to protect our children, who are flooded by popular culture, and what we will build our relations with, in the light of current information, and tried to evaluate the event from different aspects. As a matter of fact, Enes was studying in a field that thousands of young people dreamed of, and according to his father's statement, he had good economic opportunities. So, why was the young man dragged into dead-end streets? What was Enes lacking? Do not forget; A child who builds his relationships with authority on fear and does not feel loved and valued avoids asking for help when he is stuck and loses all his resistance. For this reason, parents and educators should put love at the center of their relations with their children and make them feel valued. Parents should leave a door for them to open their problems no matter the circumstances.
The Messenger of Allah put love at the center of his relations with adults, children and young people and made his interlocutor feel valuable. He did not raise his voice even to the young people who attacked him with stones in Taif and prayed for them. But it is a pity that when we turn our heads, we see that the violence has reached the families, schools, madrasahs and every part of the society and we are startled. As a matter of fact, violence has taken a place in the perceptions of our people as a tool, and some of us have been exposed to violence in schools, some in our families, and some in schools. Violence came to life in hearts where love did not grow, and although it passed through our bodies, it left deep scars in our hearts.
Violence existed wherever there was no love… The Kemalist segment, who tried to attack Islam and the faithful by taking small opportunities, should know that we grew up with the violence of secularist anti-Islamic teachers and we did not even bring it up, we preferred to remain silent out of respect for the profession these people practice. I will never forget the piece of wood that my teacher, who attacked Islam at every opportunity and described himself as a Kemalist secularist, said that you deserved the beating and dropped it on our hands like a sledgehammer. Every morning, the teacher would come into the classroom nervous and calm down after abusing a few people. At that time, almost all of us were exposed to similar images of violence and we believed that the teacher had the right to hit, humiliate and offend.
Violence is a method used by people whose veins of compassion are clogged and who cannot connect with their conscience, and we cannot embrace violence in any way, whether it is from the conservative or secular segments. Especially if violence occurs in courses where Islamic education is given, we see it as a disrespect to our beliefs and values ​​and stand against it... Because violence is a violation of rights, violence is completely against the education method of the Messenger of Allah and his style in human relations. Religious education should be given with love, not violence, and it should be emphasized that religion is a behavioral education.
Congregational dormitories or Qur'an courses offer a warm environment to students and many young people benefit from this atmosphere. However, these institutions should change the language and approaches they use in education and offer a love-centered environment to children. Children should be able to share their problems that they cannot share with their parents with the officials here and find a solution.


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