Fatma Tuncer: "Where does the problem come from?"

Fatma Tuncer: "Where does the problem come from?"
Date: 7.2.2019 16:00

Milli Gazete writer Fatma Tuncer writes on family life. Here is the full article.

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We have witnessed a family that includes all pathological events we can say “never happen” recently. The Palu Family that are etched in our minds with their immoral behaviors raised our concerns one more time and destroyed our confidence. When we went to visit my grandmother, she would pray “Allah make you come across with halal milk sucked people” and she would repeat her prayer every time. At that time I could not understand what my grandmother meant by that expression and fudged it. But as time goes by, one understands how important the precise words of our grandparents are.
Think of it…One comes at a time when you say everything is going well, and aspires your daughter who came to the age of marriage. You look, you think, you weigh and you accept him to family with confidence in statements of that person. But with his entrance to the family, your house becomes like a hell. The place where you live starts to remind a horror film that displays all pathological behaviors such as murder, theft, extortion, violence and torture. And then all of your family members sit at his feet, they deviate completely from the direction, they cannot see the truth, they cannot hear it, they cannot know it and virtually they robotize…Insert relations, violence, rope, theft, extortion…The members of house start to defend and legitimize the behaviors they don’t approve of before.
The criminal family who opened a deep wound to our soul and emotion world should be evaluated in two different categories: The first is the problem of the uncontrolled interest of our people against mystical situations and the problem of the tendency to involuntary behaviors. If a crazy comes up saying that he can show extraordinary miracles and he is given high office-position in his dream, I’m sure that the majority of our public will be surrender to him irrespective of whether these statements coincide with Islam or not.
And in the second category, there is the subject of people who cannot reach their expectations about the abuse of rights they have lived, reach a TV channel and ask for help. Unfortunately, when our people who didn’t see a support even though they previously explained the situation to the relevant authorities for many times, utter the same problem through the media and we see that legal authorities examine the event with all details and apply the punishment they deserve to the murderers. The fact that the TV channel that raises the problems of the family in question and the presenter of program gives place to images that can affect the mental health of community could disturb all of us as a human. Sure, we all are agreed about the damages caused by negative images reflected on the screens but fortunately, since the media is seen as a power in our country, people can only solve their problems by reaching here. If it weren’t like that by being set at large the crime machine groom Tuncer Ustael who was interrogated many times before, had been in and out from prison wouldn’t be a risk for our children. If it weren’t like that, when the people whose relatives are killed, kidnapped, detained would go to the relevant authorities to find solutions to their problems and wouldn’t need to go to a TV channel and ask for help.
Would the criminals have that courage if the ones whose relatives are killed, kidnapped, detained could get their rights without the need for TV channels? I don’t think so…We are strongly against to the inclusion of images that can adversely affect the mental health of community. But we cannot accept that people who are abused can’t obtain their legal rights and need an impulsive strength for it. For this reason; before the ones who are looking for solutions and the media institutions that give opportunity to them we must discuss the functioning of the law and the extent to which abuse of rights could reach the conclusion.


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