Fatma Tuncer: "Where should they go?"

Fatma Tuncer: "Where should they go?"
Date: 1.10.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on Syrian refugees. Here is the full article.

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The sustenance granted by Allah is large enough to meet the needs of all living things, but the imperialists, who professed deity, occupied the lands of the oppressed peoples and dragged them into hunger and poverty. The peoples devastated by the war set out to seek a living space for themselves and faced great difficulties in the towns they went to. We know that as long as the colonial barons continue to massacre, the refugee problem will continue and these people will seek life in unseen ways. As a matter of fact, in recent years, the problems related to refugees have been on the agenda frequently in our country and these people are considered by the fascists on the list of undesirables. The fascists, who believe that the land, water and air belong to them, will even bill the air these people breathe if they can.
Of course, we agree that the entry of refugees into the country is subject to a certain system, but we cannot allow fascists to exclude these people, deprive them of bread and starve. You may remember that the exclusionary decisions taken by the Bolu Mayor against refugees fell like a bomb on the agenda, and then an unfortunate event took place in Ankara, and the fascists started to voice their slogans, which they kept on their tongues, at the highest pitch:
Let the Syrians go!
Why did the Syrians come? Let them return to their country and fight!
These are traitors, if we were you, we would fight!
OK; let them go where they go and how they go!
If you evaluate the events through your own cultural structure, it will not be possible for you to understand these people and show a fair approach. Because in our culture, protecting the homeland also means protecting religion and values ​​that add meaning to our lives, and military service is seen as a form of worship. In our culture, military service is a sacred duty and young people are sent off with henna on their hands. Because protecting the homeland is at the same time protecting religion and ensuring the security of society. Well, how do people perceive military service in a country that is at the center of global calculations, internal and external conflicts and sibling rivalries? What do these people think of when they say war? When I talked to the refugee youth, they said that if you do not have the sectarian understanding that the ruling class is affiliated with and you do not have the strength to lean on, when you go to the military, you will not have a chance to even reach healthy food and drink. You can say to these people that they should have resisted no matter what the circumstances, but I still think it would be better not to rant about something you haven't experienced.
When evaluating people who have been victimized, fallen and need help, you need to take into account the cultural structure of the society they belong to, you cannot define the problems of the other village by looking through your own window.
It is easy to shout that the Syrians should leave, but have you ever put your hand on your head and tried to understand the situation these people are in? Under what conditions can a person leave the lands where he was born and raised? Life is precious if you wake up in the morning with bombs that spew death, if you bury your pain in your heart while collecting the smashed corpses, if you live face to face with death every moment, every minute, you will take your children and look for a safe environment, you should have no doubt about it. Don't say I wouldn't do it, I would never give up, you can't understand what it is until it happens to you...


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