Fatma Tuncer: "Who will be the inhabitants of the city of Mars?"

Fatma Tuncer: "Who will be the inhabitants of the city of Mars?"
Date: 1.3.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Fatma Tuncer writes on mankind's greed. Here is the full article.

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In his statement at the 2020 Mars Community Virtual Convention, Elon Musk mentioned that they have a goal to create a self-sufficient city on Mars before a possible Third World War. Musk stated that the colony to be created in space should be arranged in a self-sufficient way against the potential of volcanic eruptions, meteor strikes or the possibility of self-destruction of the earth.
Wouldn't it be nice if you imagine a life in space, far beyond, in lands where there is no soil and air, and after making the world completely uninhabitable, collect your pin and run it here? So who will be the residents of this distinguished city? Let alone imagining a life in space, our earthly brothers, who live on the edge of hunger and cannot even reach their basic needs, are far from these dreams of those who are dry with salt. Frankly, they are not things that their people can understand very well. They are only concerned about saving the day.
Our Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, "The son of Adam grows old, two things remain in him, his ambition and the will to live". In another hadith, the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) states, "If the son of Adam had two valleys of goods he would want the third one." The elite minority, who aspire to the divinity of the earth, have left no stone on the earth and are now looking for different channels that they can exploit, trying to carry their passions that they could not fit into the earth to the sky.
The vital elements that exist on earth are the common property of all living things. Allah has bestowed enough sustenance for these creatures that He created to survive. A person, a sparrow, an ant, and a wild flower that comes to life at the top of the rocks are also given the sustenance. Unfortunately, the forces that spread sedition and mischief all over the world exploit the rights of orphans whose mouth smells like milk, the old people whose eyes are dead, and even the ant that lives in the soil and disrupts the balance of nature. Allah has not neglected any living thing, no particle, so the world is our common usage area. However, the main material of our living space, soil, water and air are sacrificed to the desires of human beings and irreversible destructions are being made in Allah's supply.
Do you think thousands of Africans starve to death because of the inadequacy of these societies? It is a pity that the precious metals, underground and aboveground resources of African peoples roasted by their own oils have been exploited by the capitalist West for 500 years and these people have been enslaved and turned into passive beings. The reason for the decline of the Amazon rainforest today is a result of the tree massacre that the exploitation system carried out to meet its raw material needs. All the economic opportunities of the capitalist West are the property of the peoples who are impoverished, exiled from their homes, and their lands and resources are occupied. The thieves break into the homes of the oppressed peoples, seize all their assets, then rise up and present themselves as a superior civilization.
Our old world witnesses human-made wars, genocide, endless laments, and the cries of children whose bodies are washed ashore and shot in their mothers' arms. Today, dozens of people are living on the border of hunger, refugees are trying to breathe under severe living conditions. According to the report titled Food Security and Nutrition Status in the World, the number of people suffering from hunger reached 690 million in 2019. This shows that the number of people suffering from hunger increased by 10 million compared to a year ago, and by 60 million compared to the previous 5 years. According to the latest UN report, one million plants and animals in the world are in danger of extinction. Agricultural production is ending, living species are disappearing, and the amenders are eradicating and consuming the livelihoods bestowed by Allah.
While the impoverished peoples are struggling with all their might to survive, a voice from beyond talks about the possible 3rd World War, the end of the world may be near, a city to be established on Mars and moving to this city in case of danger. So what should they (colonists) do? Colonists drained all the resources of the world with the mischief and violence they produced. Now it is time for Mars. However, as it is known, these groups are accustomed to exist through the enemies they produce and survive by crushing the oppressed. I think who will they fight in the space city they envisioned? Will the life they dream of save them from death, reckoning and torment? They think that they rule the whole world and can rule everything. They are unaware of how weak they are and that they will say goodbye to a dark end just like their ancestors.


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