February 28 Postmodern coup breaks the Ummah's back!

February 28 Postmodern coup breaks the Ummahs back!
Date: 28.2.2024 13:00

Today is the 27th anniversary of the February 28 Postmodern coup, one of the darkest periods in the history of the Republic.

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The February 28 coup process, in which the darkest operations were carried out against the Welfare Party, the largest political party of the period, caused the greatest damage to the unity and solidarity of the Islamic Ummah.
After February 28, the greatest destruction of the Islamic world took place.
While the D-8 Islamic unity project, which was implemented as a civilization project by the government of which Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan was the prime minister, had started to operate systematically, it was subjected to a heavy blow with the February 28 coup.
The racist global imperialists, who realized their dark ambitions shortly after the Milli Görüş power was usurped, first devastated Afghanistan and then Iraq.


With the February 28 coup, Palestine was left more alone than ever before in the history of resistance.
Islamic countries, which have been under the occupation of the Crusader and Zionist alliance for many years, have not been able to overcome the economic, political, military and social crises.
The basis of the failure of Islamic countries as a whole to stand against the oppression of Zionist Israel in the face of the atrocities that continue in the Palestinian territories today lies in the neutralization of a magnificent Islamic unity organization such as D-8.
The internal conflicts that continue to affect Yemen, Syria, Libya and many Islamic countries in Africa today, and the brutal genocides carried out in East Turkestan and Gaza, remind us of the painful reflections of the failure to establish Islamic unity.
The blame of these painful days when Muslims were massacred will forever hang on the necks of those who see the evil of February 28 as a favor for this nation.


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