Felicity Party embraces Istanbullites

Felicity Party embraces Istanbullites
Date: 21.10.2019 13:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party Istanbul Provincial Presidency's "Public Embrace Work" program was held this week in the district of Bagcilar in Istanbul.

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During the meeting, the Felicity Party Istanbul Provincial President Abdullah Sevim, addressing NGOs and muhtars, "Today, friends and enemies know well that it is Turkey's most dynamic party, is the Felicity Party," he said.
Felicity party Istanbul Provincial Presidency Public Relations Presidency planned in 39 districts, "Public Embrace Work" within the scope of this week's program was held in Bagcilar district. 
The meeting took place in a cafe in Bagcilar Square, Felicity Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Dr. Abdullah Sevim participated in the program. 
Non-governmental organizations operating in Bağcılar, neighborhood mukhtars and many party members attended the meeting.
Saadet Party District President Şakir Şahin, who hosted the meeting and made the opening speech, said, "On the occasion of this meeting, we actually wanted to shoot two birds with one stone. In this respect, I congratulate the muhtars' day. On the other hand, we came out of the elections, we wanted to have a hasbihhal as people who lived in Bagcilar and who knew the problems of Bagcilar. The district of Bağcılar where we live has a population close to one million. Of course, our district that hosts this population has problems. Especially at different times we discussed and consulted many problems. Therefore, we have come together with you once again in the name of hasbihhal."


Addressing the participants in the program, Felicity Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Dr. Abdullah Sevim said, "Whether it is our country or the Islamic world, humanity, which is almost 8 billion, is in a great depression. According to the United Nations survey, almost 1 billion 300 million people live on the poverty line. There are about 800 million people living on the hunger line. Of course, I think these figures are more than those that are identified, and those that are unregistered. People have serious problems, health problems, hunger problems. Their countries are occupied, underground and above ground exploited and exploited in many places. Even though it seems that the colonial period seems to be over, there are Western countries that continue to exploit the countries they officially exploited yesterday. Hence, in 1969, the Professor lived in the world. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan was a personality. Until that day, nothing could be done with the people living in this country, Erbakan said to the people of this country constantly humiliated, said that a new world can be established with these people started a study. Today we also know that friends and foes of Turkey's most dynamic party are Felicity Party," he said.
Bribery ends with National Vision
"Other than us, other parties have a single world. It is the world that is experienced today. However, our party has both this world and the world in the Hereafter. 
Abdullah Sevim; "We continue. Our case is the Islamic cause. Our work is aimed at gaining the consent of God Almighty. Our case is not only for the people of 82 million countries, but for the bliss of 8 billion people on earth. Our method is faith. We have no right to force anyone to be a Saadet Party or a National Vision. We cannot do such a study. Just as there is no compulsion in religion, there is no compulsion in our case. If I'm on a path that I believe is true. So I invite people to the truth that I believe. When we won the elections in 1995 in Bağcılar, our first job was to eliminate bribery. In the Republic of Turkey for the period of bribery and municipal people's government which replaced the National Vision period began with people. When we won the municipality of Istanbul, we proved to the residents of Istanbul that the municipality of Istanbul should be a servant."


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