Following Master Mustafa Tahhan, the pioneer of ideas and invitations

Following Master Mustafa Tahhan, the pioneer of ideas and invitations
Date: 1.10.2019 13:29

I've known Master Mustafa Tahhan first with his work "Routes and Variance Between Islamic Movement" published in 1980 when Turkey's Muslim youth are living in deep crisis. This book guided me on many issues that were discussed at that time and prevented me from shifting to extremes.

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I never forget an example he gave in this book. A member of the Muslim Brotherhood in parliament in the Jordanian elections, who later became a minister, is forced to resign by the Ikhwan rulers. One day he came to visit him and asked him to resign as soon as possible and said, "Even if I resign from the ministry, I have to do a job to make a living for my family. Well, if you leave the ministry and do the same ministry doorman would you object to this. We will not object to this”. Thereupon, the minister said, “What kind of mentality is that you are not willing to see a brother in the ministry seat, but you are willing to become a janitor.” These sentences I remembered and wrote because I could not find the book were worth gold in those days .

Mustafa Tahhan was born in Kuwait where the Turkmen lived in Lebanon. He completed his primary and secondary education in Syria and his university education in Istanbul University in 1964. After graduating as a chemical engineer, he settled in Kuwait. He worked in an oil refinery until 1979. He met our Erbakan Hodja in 1969 and since then he has been with our hodja. In the same year, he led the founding of the International Federation of Islamic Student Organizations (IIFSO) with the participation of youth organizations from more than 60 countries. In 1980, he became the general secretary of this organization. IIFSO, Hasan en-Nedvi, Abdukadir Udeh, Sayyid Qutb and other contemporary Muslim writers of books translated into more than 70 languages and helped spread the world. He has many works of ideas, invitations and movement. His works have been translated into many languages including Turkish, Urdu, Kurdish, Persian, English and Malay.

As a lover of Istanbul, Ustad Mustafa Tahhan, who was living in Istanbul in the summer, passed away in Istanbul and was buried in the Merkezefendi Cemetery, where Erbakan Hodja was also. Mercy against.

He says in an article about our hodja that:

"Some people think why I am with Erbakan until the last moment. They think this is only a political stance. No friends! This is also a loyalty to the person who looks after us in our weak moment and who grows up before the drowning while we struggle."

In his article titled "The Trip to Lebanon Between Fear and Hope" Master Mustafa Meşhur talks about how he escaped the Israeli siege in Lebanon in 2006:

 "It was the third day of our arrival in Lebanon. The storms broke. Israel has begun to sever the veins of Lebanon. It demolished bridges, destroyed houses, planes turned roads into ditches. People died under the rubble, nobody could help them. Israel warned the people to evacuate their homes as soon as possible. What can one say to tell the flood?

The gate of fear was different in different colors, sounds and shapes. The intensity of the bombing from land, sea and air was increasing day by day. Colors were mingled together pale faces, red bloodshot. The thundering sounds don't stop. The news you heard from radio and television also added to your concern. People started to look for an exit, the pain was squeezing my heart as I squeezed, increasing my discomfort, tears were falling out of my eyes.

 We are the strangers of this world. We are neither surrendered to the world, nor cruel nor temptation. Even those who did their best for the sake of the struggle, even when it fell from power, to take hold of the hand and throw life preserver to the refuge of everything that is the cornerstone… There was no one who asked us away. Most of the friends who were affectionate or affectionate were either going away or hiding. What a great job one has to feel and watch over you silently, without giving you any gratitude before you talk to him!

Some of them think why I am with Erbakan until the last moment strange. They think it's just a political stance. No, fellas! This is also a stance of loyalty to the person who raised us before he drowned while we were struggling with troubles I called that believer and righteous person and screamed for help to save us from this dangerous situation. And just a phone call came, we prepare ourselves, and told us to take Beirut by a Turkish warship would take Turkey's Mersin Port.After a 30-hour journey, we reached Mersin Port. When we got off the ship, they greeted us with roses. We were invited to the high-ranking officers' room and congratulated for reaching our home safely. We thanked and left to find friends from the Saadet Party waiting for us.

Life and love were splashing from their faces and their eyes. They said: "Erbakan Hodja called us and said: If they fail to come with the rescue ship, hire a boat and bring them from Lebanon with that ship.” Here is a silent problem-solving method of a statesman who has seen hope and the loyalty of a friend to a friend. The wise man does not need a recipe.

Mustafa Kasadar / Milli Gazete


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