Fragmentation increases the persecution

Fragmentation increases the persecution
Date: 17.9.2019 11:00

At the Islamic Union Congress, the problems and solutions of Islamic society were handled in all aspects.

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In the sessions held at the 'Islamic Union Congress' organized by ISBAM, where all aspects of the Islamic Union, which the Ummah longs for, are discussed and the problems faced by Islamic society and solutions for these problems were discussed by important politics and scientists.
On the last day of the congress, it was stated that the fragmented state of the Islamic world increased the occupation of Zionism in Palestine, and it was found that it did not have a structure, understanding and trouble to end this fragmentation among the Islamic countries and increase solidarity, unity and solidarity. It was also stated that the atrocities of the Islamic world were the result of these fragmentations.
To discuss the future of the Islamic Union, the Islamic Union Research Center (ISBAM) organized the 'Islamic Union Congress' in Ankara on the theme of 'The Future of the Islamic World and Palestine' and discussed the issues and solutions in Islamic geography in all aspects.


Felicity (Saadet) Party General Advisory Board (GİK) member and Hatay Mustafa Kemal University faculty member Assoc. Dr. Necmettin Çalışkan chaired the session and, "The Impact of the Palestinian Case on the Islamic World and Responsibilities of the Ummah" were discussed.
The first word on the subject of the Moroccan Movement of Moroccan President Dr. Mohammad Talabi stated that global imperialism is making calculations in order to prevent the ummah from standing up. The forces that do not want us to stand up are trying to divide the countries in our region and form dwarf states. Here we have to create a hand against this. We must create our own strategy..
Sheikh Bilal Shaban, the Secretary General of the Lebanese Monotheism and Correctional Movement, in his speech, pointed out that there was a period of political ignorance in the Islamic geography and said, "The relations with the US, the West, and even the Zionists have emerged as perceptions of friendship. For this reason, large areas were opened in our region to the forces who wanted to break us up. When the field is opened, they prepare the ground for the conflicts with different kinds of corruption. Zionism is increasing the oppression and occupation in Palestine."


Fragmentation Increases Persecution
President of Islamic Fiqh Academy Dr. Abdelrahim Ali stressed the loss of the concept of unity among Muslims and said, "The fact that the Islamic world is so fragmented causes Zionism to increase its occupation in Palestine. Neither the countries of the region are fully opposing it, nor are the organizations. For example, Islamic Cooperation Organizations have become a structure that takes an attitude according to the policies of the states in the region. It does not have a structure, understanding and trouble that will end this fragmentation among Islamic countries and increase solidarity, unity and solidarity."
Stating that unconditional support for the Palestinian cause is not only the duty of the Islamic world but the whole world, Redervan Krayenstin, Vice-President of the Qibla Movement, said, "Without Palestine, the world cannot be free. Because if there is injustice even in one place, the world is not fair."
Krayenstin concluded: "What is our international project for the Palestinian cause? Okay, Zionism will disappear, but how can we implement a project so that I can do it."


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