Free transportation cards being canceled due to hikes in fuel prices

Free transportation cards being canceled due to hikes in fuel prices
Date: 9.8.2023 16:00

The successive hikes in fuel prices are also reflected in public transportation, and now cause the cancellation of free cards. After Burdur, free transportation of citizens over the age of 65 was canceled in Aksaray.

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After the increase in fuel prices in Aksaray, a new decision was taken regarding public transportation. Chairman of the Chamber of Minibuses and Coaches Veysel Öztürk announced that citizens over the age of 65 can no longer use the minibuses for free.
As the rainstorm continues, it continues to negatively affect every aspect of life.
After the hikes in the fuel SCT, the successive hikes in the public transportation fees started to lead to the cancellation of the free cards.
While the free transportation application for people over the age of 65 was terminated first in Burdur, it has now been announced that citizens over the age of 65 will not use the minibuses for free in Aksaray.


Veysel Öztürk, President of the Aksaray Chamber of Minibuses and Coaches, said that a regulation decision was taken as of October 15 for the free transportation of passengers aged 65 and over, with the participation of the Turkish Drivers and Bus Drivers Federation and the All Private Public Buses Association of Turkey.
Öztürk stated that, within the framework of the decision taken, citizens over the age of 65, who are transported free of charge on buses, can no longer use free transportation.
"After October 15, 2023, we are ending free boarding for these citizens. Free transportation service will end for citizens aged 65 and over, except for relatives of martyrs, veterans, police, the disabled and members of the press," Öztürk said.
Öztürk cited the fact that the state's financial support of 1,700 TL for citizens over the age of 65 was not sufficient as the reason for the decision.


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