Gazans trying to migrate from Rafah

Gazans trying to migrate from Rafah
Date: 16.2.2024 11:00

The Zionist occupying Israeli regime continues its massacres in the Palestinian cities of Gaza and Rafah. There is no guarantee of what may happen to oppressed Muslims trying to emigrate from Rafah along the way.

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The cruel Israeli regime does not grant the oppressed Palestinians the right to live in any land on earth.
The occupying Israeli regime, which has been continuing its terrorist attacks against Palestinian lands on October 7, day and night for 4 months, has now turned its treacherous barrels towards the city of Rafah, where 1.4 million oppressed Palestinians are trapped.
The oppressed Muslims, who took refuge in the Rafah region, which the Zionist regime had previously exiled as a safe area, have now started to migrate in reverse for fear of being bombed.
No one can guarantee what may happen to the oppressed people trying to emigrate from Rafah along the way.


Displaced Palestinians in Rafah are now turning to reverse migration, fearing new attacks.
Thousands of Palestinians who fled Israel's attacks from the northern and central regions and migrated to Rafah have been heading to Deir al-Balah, Buraij, Maghazi and Nusairat refugee camps in the central parts of Gaza for the last two days.
Eyewitnesses said that Palestinians left Rafah in vehicles and horse-drawn carriages via Rashid Street on the coast, which connects Gaza from north to south.


Displaced 33-year-old Palestinian Omar Zein al-Din from Gaza said that he decided to take his family and go to the city of Deir al-Belah due to the fear of increased bombardment and land attacks in Rafah.
"This is the 5th time we have been displaced since the beginning of Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip. First from Gaza city to Zawayidah (central parts of Gaza) region, then to Deir al-Balah, from there to Khan Younis and then to Rafah, to the Egyptian border. Now we will return to Deir el-Belah," Zein al-Din said.


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