Genocide in East Turkestan!

Genocide in East Turkestan!
Date: 11.12.2019 12:00

Turkish labour union Memur-Sen members protested the persecution in East Turkestan.

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Turkish labour union Memur-Sen Chairman Ali Yalcin, "China is carrying out a genocide in East Turkestan," he said. 
Memur-Sen Confederation members protested the persecution in East Turkestan in Ankara Kugulu Park on December 10, World Human Rights Day. 
Yalçın, "We live in times of direct attacks from east to west, from north to south, to people, their rights, dignity and human welfare. Therefore, on December 10, we have to talk about the pain of humanity and humanity from Eastern Turkestan. In China, cheap and poor quality goods do not come to mind only. Heartbreaking suffering, humiliating torture, assimilation and cultural genocide are coming. China, as a state in East Turkestan, is an invader, torturer, cruel, perpetrator of all kinds of evil. In short, China has the status of defective goods as a state in East Turkestan. When you look at the identity of the rich people of China today, you can see that they are the children of the rulers of the Chinese Communist Party. These are called 'Little Princes'. This is marketed as the Chinese dream," he said.


Yalcin said that there was cruelty and turmoil in China and that humanity was trampled in East Turkestan. 
Yalçın emphasized that the whole world remained unresponsive to the persecution of the Turkish nationals living in China and said, "There is a complete slave order in China. There is a system of persecution in China. There is such a state that it aims to destroy the sovereignty of the powerless states, the labor of its own citizens, the idea, history, culture and accumulation of the nations in the neighboring geography. East Turkestan is experiencing it. East Turkestan, China makes it live. Today, in East Turkestan, religion, faith and honor are at its feet. Today, in East Turkestan, humanity is underfoot. The whole world either reacts with weak sounds or continues to be silent spectators.
Yalçın said that the incident in East Turkestan was genocide. 
"China is carrying out a genocide in East Turkestan. In doing so, it develops some legitimizing political arguments in his own right. Already in the modern world, all the massacres and atrocities are carried out under this cover, that is to say, innocent theories and political discourses. China is setting up concentration camps. China is building extermination camps. China produces assimilation machines. China employs the workshops of intellectual and cultural genocide. In East Turkestan, the lament of the costs paid by a state during the Chinese occupation and the Chinese atrocities is being burned," he added.


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