Gökçınar: "Istanbul can not be managed with Yeşilçam literature"

Gökçınar: "Istanbul can not be managed with Yeşilçam literature"
Date: 10.6.2019 11:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality mayoral candidate Necdet Gökçınar made important statements to the Milli Gazete.

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Felicity (Saadet) Party Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality mayoral candidate Necdet Gökçınar, evaluated the upcoming Istanbul elections and the services that Istanbul will meet with the National Vision municipality.
Truth likes to walk around naked. Hide as long as you want, and it will show up.
We saw that in the March 31 elections, 'Istanbul is my love' was such a literary prophecy. Sometimes I feel myself on the Yeşilçam plateaus. I call my fellow citizens from Istanbul. Don't be affected by them, the knife rests on the bone. National Vision has hopes. We will turn the blessings given by Allah almighty to wealth and turn them into service for the bliss of people. Truth likes to walk around naked. Hide as long as you want, and it will show up.
With 16 million inhabitants, which is Turkey's largest metropolis, with geographical and geopolitical location in Istanbul, referred to as the capital of the world, will be re-established on 23 June crates to select the new metropolitan mayor. 31 March elections, which caused great controversy and returned to the enigmatic metropolitan mayoral election is expected to be a result of the curiosity of the party's candidates are working at full speed.
* Sir, first of all, can we recognize you in your own words? Who is the Felicity (Saadet) Party's Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality mayoral candidate Necdet Gökçınar?
Necdet Gökçınar, I was born in 1952 in Ankara. Originally from Kirsehir. I'm an electrical-electronics engineer. In 1969, I came to Istanbul for university education. I completed my undergraduate and graduate studies in the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. I could not leave my beloved Istanbul after school. I did not want to return to Ankara. But our late Erbakan had heavy industry investments in Ankara in 1976 and upon the invitation of our president, there is a service here, I returned to Ankara and started to work with him. For 4 years, Erbakan said “How is the industry done? How to develop? ”We passed through the traditional study. Of course, the circles that are disturbed by this work have corrupted the government. When the government broke down, companies lost their functions. So I went back to Istanbul. I have been in Istanbul since 1981. In 1992, I became a member of the Provincial Board of the Welfare Party and later became the provincial vice president. I have been engaged in trade in Istanbul for many years. Since 2018, I was assigned by Abdullah Sevim Felicity Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman as advisor to the provincial president. In the local elections of March 31, the Saadet Party was shown as mayor of Istanbul. Upon the decision to repeat the elections again, I came before Istanbul as the candidate of the Felicity Party.
* The results of the local elections on March 31 in Istanbul caused great controversy. How do you evaluate the decision of the Supreme Board of Elections (YSK) to cancel the elections and the re-election in Istanbul?
The decision to cancel the election in Istanbul is completely unlawful. The decision does not fit in law, nor does it fit in reason, logic and tradition. You can't justify it if you wrote 500 pages, not 250 pages. Because the decision did not find this place in the conscience of our saint nation, was met with reaction. This decision has made even a notch in the conscience of the people in the President's party and those who voted for the AKP, congratulating the YSK for making such a decision today. Our human beings have the inheritance, does not give premiums to such injustices. As the Felicity Party, we have a feature, whether there is injustice, lawlessness, we will look at it. We are National Interviewers, sir, there is injustice here but we cannot say what is the victim of us. You cannot be fair by putting justice in the name of the party. Justice is something that can be applied. As a result, this decision of the YSK is unfair. In fact, I consider this decision to be a black page with a bitter smile as our children read our recent history.
All candidates except the Felicity Party will charge municipalities because the mentality is not solid. CHP managed Sarıyer Municipality, in 2018, 590 million 299 thousand 616 TL made debt. The real disaster is that the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which has been governed by the AKP for years, has 26 billion 760 million 454 thousand debts. They also have interest. I'm telling you the information in the SAI reports. Let's look at Beylikdüzü directed by the CHP candidate; In 2018, the company borrowed 482 million 290 thousand 250 TL. Are you going to vote for those who have put these municipalities into debt because they say they are victims?
* After the election decision of the YSK, AKP's candidate Binali Yildirim and CHP candidate Ekrem Imamoglu have tried to create a perception of victimization on both sides. In one of your statements, you used an expression such as There are no other criteria for voting for a victim while voting. What are those criteria? What criteria should Istanbulites consider when choosing their new president?
For one thing, victimization is not one of the selection criteria. If so, I'm the most victimized. I'm not going to compete for grievance, I'm just telling you to open the mind. My son was dismissed because I was a candidate for the Saadet Party Istanbul mayoral candidate. He had been working at Borsa Istanbul for 3 years, and despite his good performance, he was fired after returning from the military. In our country where there are 5 million unemployed young people, I am not going to make my son unemployed. However, because the event took place in the press in different ways, we felt the need to make some explanations for the event to be understood correctly. While we were talking about this, the contract that my other son, who was a lawyer following İGDAŞ's files, was canceled by İGDAŞ without any justification. This is the first time I've ever told you this. My saints don't get me wrong, I'm never a victim. To fill the gaps in your head, I'm telling you to know what kind of mentality you're facing when you go to the polls. I just regret that such a style is happening in Istanbul.
* Did you build your June 23 election propaganda on the slogan ‘We need it and the concept of Tranquility?? Sir, what do Istanbulites need? Can we listen to you?
I will give an example of the things we see in the field in our selection studies. When you ask the Istanbulites what you need, there is very little that says bridge, concrete. Our people say I need peace, justice, freedom. This concept that we prepared for the 23rd of June elections is a concept that has been researched and found in accordance with this structure of society. We put un peace at the beginning of this. This is our concept this time.
* If you are elected president, which steps will you take to make life easier for Istanbulites and which projects do you plan to implement?
We will start to solve the problems with the problems experienced by the people of Istanbul most. Water, natural gas consumption and traffic problems are primarily issues to be solved. Master will do traffic planning. We will employ skilled engineers and we will stand by. We have identified the following as the reasons for the traffic problem. Vehicle abundance, lack of planning and infrastructure constructions. We will make public transport comfortable to correct the multiplicity of vehicles. With this application, the citizen will not be drowned in traffic. The second is planning; we will set path combinations and prevent them from cluttering. The first bridge from Zincirlikuyu on the way to the traffic is stacking. Why is that? Because the traffic from Besiktas meets there. Both the number of vehicles is increasing and the junction angles are not adjusted properly so that the vehicles do not hit each other creates traffic density. With the application we call the zipper system, we will have works to ease the traffic on these points. We will not immediately dig the sphere, we will not have construction priority, we will give priority to planning.
Urban transformation is not to demolish a building and make another color. We will build a city on its name. In urban life; children want a playground, the father of the house parking lot, the mother of the house wants the water to flow smoothly, buildings, streets and infrastructure. We will create cities of peace in Istanbul. How we will do this, we will do by cutting 26 billion odd wastes in IMM's budget. Our income and expense will be balanced, if the budget is open, the debt becomes, and the debt becomes interest. We're not gonna let that happen. We will make budget equivalent to the budget of the municipality. In 1996, Erbakan Hodja, Prime Minister, how we did it again. We have principles since the National Order. This is the National Vision. This is a mind opening. I invite all our voters to consider.
The President's words 'We have betrayed Istanbul' are still fresh in memory. Vertical construction in Istanbul, the city is almost buried in the concrete and the destruction of green areas has become the lives of Istanbulites. What can be done to correct this bad trend in the municipality?
What frightens Istanbul is unfortunately the structures that create permanent destruction. How do we fix the spooky structures on Zeytinburnu beach? The generations will watch who did this. What we are going to do is to reorganize the zoning plans in Istanbul, to be prepared by competent people and will never be drilled. I have a relative there, my uncle's son, and he will never be compromised so that we can get him to throw a coat over. I'm going to stand by myself and ask the public account. In our Güngören district, 7,300 of 14 thousand 500 buildings need to be demolished. People are sitting in these buildings. There's no place to put a car, no green space to take a step. How will the child grow up there? The formula to correct these problems is the Fair Order formula of the Felicity Party. We cannot keep our Istanbul at risk. Because our city is under the threat of an earthquake. Of course we don't, but we don't know when. With this gangrene structure, we can't even go to save the people there.


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