Gov't acts with the logic of 'I did it and it's done'

Govt acts with the logic of I did it and its done
Date: 22.5.2020 16:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party has raised its concerns with a report about the new execution arrangement and possible consequences.

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Felicity (Saadet) Party shared the demands and concerns regarding the 'New Execution Law' which came into force with a report prepared by the public. 
Reminding that the government prepared the regulation with the logic of "I did it and it's done" without the common opinion of all parties, "It is clear that the public order and its security have fallen victim to the alliance between the AKP and MHP".
The Saadet Party has raised its concerns about the Execution Law, which came into force with the 'New Execution Arrangement and Possible Results' report. 
Felicity Party's Human Rights and Legal Policy in the report prepared by the Council, in particular the 'new Enforcement Act' Turkey's justice and penitentiary system in general were discussed in detail. In the report, it was emphasized that the government was acting with the logic of 'I did' instead of taking the opinions of all parties related to the regulation, which could have important consequences, while the public order and security were sacrificed between the AKP and MHP.


The report is now Turkey in 366 hatırlatılırken the prison is located, it said in the next 5 years 125 thousand 422 people 191 new penalties will not solve the existing problems of the planned construction of prisons. Turkey's new penal institutions in the report noted that the need has issued the following statement: "In addition to the convicts and detainees executions and breeding, all kinds of training, improvement, ensuring the environment can be found in sports and business activities; As a beneficial person in their evacuations, there is a need to remove the obstacles to regaining society. In this context, to increase the diversity of executions and the execution system to the prisoners over 60 years of age, home enforcement, protecting the family life for pregnant and children, economic punishment for economic crimes, first treatment after drug addicts, broadening the scope of the electronic handcuffs, expanding the public service and execution system, night execution. Including the execution types such as week-end executions and day-to-day executions in business dormitories to the scope of the law will be correct for the benefit of the society.”


It was stated in the report that it was clearly seen that the “Execution Law” and the public order and security that came into force were sacrificed to the alliance between the AKP and MHP, it was stated that the measures taken did not aim to protect the criminals from the corona, and the promises made to the MHP were a must. It was emphasized that the AKP sees the coronavirus as an opportunity to keep its promise to MHP.


In the last part of the report, while calling on the Ministry of Justice, the following statements were pointed out: “We demand that an observatory be established regarding the early released criminals and that they regularly inform the public about their criminal records. We invite project-based cooperation with relevant ministries and non-governmental organizations. With the amendment made, necessary support should be provided for the people coming out of prison to be involved in social life and the improvement processes should be strengthened thanks to these projects. However, it is essential that the length of detention creates an issue of status for people in prisons and that the detention should be an exception in order to solve this situation, especially in the case of political content, the acceleration of the proceedings. For 110 thousand people who are in detention, court processes should be accelerated and justice should be provided, criminals should be punished and innocents should be released urgently.”


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