Greatest injustice for lowest salary

Greatest injustice for lowest salary
Date: 10.7.2019 15:00

Milli Gazete brings out a very important grievance... Those who receive a retiring pension under 1,000 Turkish Liras will not benefit from a 5 percent raise.

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Pensioners who complete the monthly pension of 1,000 Turkish Liras will not receive a raise of about 3 years if this system does not change and the income of 1,000 liras will not increase. 
With the Law no. 7161, which came into force last January, pensions below 1,000 lira were raised to at least a thousand liras with the figures to be transferred from the Treasury. 
For example, a pension of 800 liras salary was brought to the contribution of 200 liras Treasury. The salary of the same pension will be 840 liras with the 5 percent hike announced this month, and the state contribution will fall to 160 liras. The same pension will continue to receive 1,000 liras.
CPI became a pannier on the back of the pensioner
The bad trend in the economy and the money in the pockets melted day by day, the fire in the kitchen to raise the rate of retirees became clear. Only 56 liras raise the salary of the lowest worker retiree, the minimum wage was left to live below the hunger limit.
Turkey Retirees Association President Kazım Ergün, "which is calculated by TurkStat and the past 6 months% 5.01 figure is determined as inflation retired engaged to extinguish the fire in every day in the kitchen is not credible," he said. Ergun, "All of these as not enough, added to the basket this year, canned fish, canned meat, ready-made milk sweets, children's clothes, pet food, highway tolls do not fit the spending patterns of a retired family," he said.
Inflation items that are not closely related to the retiree and which are taken into consideration while increasing the pension ...
Canned fish
Canned meat
Prepared milk desserts
Children's dresses
Pet foods
Highway tolls
Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) with the inflation figures announced recently by the workers and the retired officer was a certain rate hike in July. The inflation rate, which is calculated as 5 percent, is far from being an ointment for wounds.


With this 5 percent hike to be done, the lowest pensioner pension increased by 56 liras to 186 thousand liras, the lowest trades pensioner increased by 69 liras to 445 liras, the lowest farmer's pension to 65 thousand liras will be increased to 363 liras. 1 percent inflation difference will be added to the retirees of civil servants 6 percent raise. According to this increase, the pension of the lowest civil servant pension increased by 138 liras to 2 thousand 435 liras.


However, with this raise nothing increase, millions of SGK and Bağ-Kur retirees will continue to live below the hunger limit which is above the minimum wage, while most of the retired civil servants will be forced to live below the poverty line above 6 thousand liras.


In the assessment our newspaper about the July 2019 hikes made to the pension Association of Turkey Pensioners (TÜED) Chairman Kazım Ergün, the CPI salary increase system being implemented for retirees, he said he needs and remain far from meeting expectations.


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