Greece is playing with fire!

Greece is playing with fire!
Date: 23.2.2021 13:00

They added their steps in the military field to what they did at the desk… They are trying to squeeze turkey into a narrow area in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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The steps taken by Greece, following an anti-Turkey policy by taking actors such as the USA, Israel and France, are remarkable. Announcing one of the biggest armament programs in the history of the country and making military purchases, Greece is trying to condemn Turkey to a minimum area in sharing energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean. The steps of Greece, which attracted attention both with its theses against international law and its closeness with anti-Turkey forces, reached dangerous dimensions.
Striking developments are taking place in the Eastern Mediterranean, where countries both inside and outside the region are struggling to share due to its significant energy resource.
Within the framework of the struggle for the sharing of energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, most countries except Turkey are making illegal moves. While Greece and the Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus are the leading actors who take illegal steps, it is seen that these actors are trying to isolate Turkey from the region. While it is known that Greece and GASC, who lead the anti-Turkey front in the Eastern Mediterranean, are taking steps in the military field, these moves remind the possibility of a hot war.


Greece is trying to seize energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean in violation of international law. Taking various steps with actors inside and outside the region in line with the aforementioned purpose, Greece wants to condemn Turkey to a minimum energy supply. Greece has made remarkable moves in the military field as well as tabletop games. In this context, Greece, which has signed military associations with various countries, also made serious military equipment purchases.


The union of Greece and France in the Eastern Mediterranean continues in the military field as well. Having purchased 18 Rafale warplanes from France, Greece also receives support from the French at the aircraft carrier point. Greece also held military exercises with France recently. On the other hand, it is also among the available information that the Greek-French duo pressured the European Union to impose sanctions against Turkey.


It is seen that another supporter of Greece outside the region in the struggle for the sharing of energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean is the USA. Greece, trying to increase its military capacity, made a request for the F-35 from the USA last year. With Joe Biden's admission to the US presidency, it is estimated that Greece's support from the United States will increase, while it is also known that Greek soldiers conducted exercises with US special forces in the past period.


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