Greetings to HAMAS, continue the boycott!

Greetings to HAMAS, continue the boycott!
Date: 13.11.2023 11:00

Reactions are increasing all over the world against the human tragedy caused by terrorist Israel in Gaza, and a serious boycott has begun against brands that support the Zionist occupation in the Islamic geography.

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After the Aqsa Flood operations, some international brands declared their support for Israel. Unlike the helpless state administrators, Muslims are doing their best to strengthen the boycott struggle against Israel and collaborating imperialist powers.
The whole world stands up against the human tragedy in Gaza. Unlike states, millions of people from almost every country are reacting with various methods against the genocide committed by terrorist Israel against the Palestinians.
While large protests were organized in many countries, Zionist brand boycotts began in the Islamic geography. After the Aqsa Flood operations launched by HAMAS on October 7, some international brands declared their support for Israel and provided billions of dollars in aid to the Zionist occupation army.
In our news, we have compiled for you the achievements of the boycott struggle against Israel and collaborator imperialist powers, which do not even provide water and electricity to the settlements where tens of thousands of people live in Gaza.


Many boycott efforts have been carried out since the years when Zionist Israel began to occupy Palestine. Although there were people who claimed that the boycott would not work, Muslims tried to avoid using products that supported the Zionist occupation in their own countries as much as they could.
Within the scope of the recently launched boycott, imperialist powers, especially the Israeli economy, have suffered serious losses.
So much so that the Israeli Stock Exchange has been in a serious annual decline since October 7. It can be seen how effective the boycott of Muslims can be on the Israel Stock Exchange, where the 1-year change has reached up to 14 percent.
Another fact is that companies that supported the Zionist occupation in the past boycotts lost billions of dollars...


After the conflicts in Gaza, which have been ongoing since October 7, many markets and shopping stores in Israel decided to boycott all Muslim-made brands, especially Turkish brands.
Due to the helplessness of the rulers of Muslim countries, the people in the Islamic geography started a boycott campaign under the leadership of NGOs. In the more than a month that has passed since the start of the Al-Aqsa Flood operations, the boycott initiated by Muslims has expanded and started to be implemented in state institutions in various countries.
For example, in Turkey, in addition to many state institutions, even the Turkish Grand National Assembly is now boycotting pro-Zionist products.


Due to the power of Zionist lobbies in the banking and finance sector, many international companies had to declare their support for the occupation in Israel's war in Gaza.
Brands with investments all over the world, such as McDonald's, Nike, Cocacola and Starbucks, have openly announced their support for Israel. However, these brands are just the tip of the iceberg. It is known that there are brands that provide surreptitious aid to the Zionist occupation rather than openly supporting it.
On the other hand, many brands that are terrorist Israeli products are also on the boycott list. Israel, which has a significant production volume especially in the food industry, cleaning products and clothing companies, also has many world-class brands in the field of technology.
Brands made in Israel and supporting the Zionist occupation:
Food: Tropicana, Schweppes, Tnuva, Nescafe, Tassimo, Starbucks, Lipton, Dilmah, Elite, Strauss, Walls, Ben & Jerry's, Carmel, Agrexco, Agrexco, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Pepsi, Lays, Doritos, Cheetos, Lipton, Nestle, Burger King, McDonald's, Subway,
Cleaning Products: Air Wick, Ajax, Aldays, Alo, Ariel, Axe, Calgon, Cif, Clear, Clit Bang, Colgate, Dettol, Dove, Elidor, Head & Shoulders, Ipana, Johnsons Baby, Loreal (Shampoo), Lux, Max Factor, Nıvea, Omo, Oral-B, Palmolive, Pantene, Prima, Rejoice, Protex, Rexona, Rinso, Sensodyne, Viecnetta Vileda, Vanish, Vaseline, Veet.
Clothing Brands: Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Parisian, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Levi's, Timberland, Giorgio Armani.
Technology Companies: Microsoft, HP, AXA, Amazon, Airbnb, Dell, Disney, Fiverr, Siemens, Wix,
Various sectors; Hyundai, HSBC, BP Petrol, Bayer, Pfizer, Sudocrem


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