Hamas: "Humanity keeps its silence even to the desecration of our bodies"

Hamas: "Humanity keeps its silence even to the desecration of our bodies"
Date: 24.2.2020 13:00

Reactions are continuing against Zionist gangs, who killed a Palestinian and desecrate his body in Khan Younis, southern of Gaza Strip.

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Zionist gangs attacked a group of Plalestinian youths east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, killing Mohammed al-Na'em and injured other.
An Israeli army bulldozer was filmed repeatedly running over al-Na'em's body then grabbing the corpse with the blade and swinging it back and forth in the air, which sparked widespread anger among the Palestinians.
HAMAS Political Bureau Chief Musa Abu Merzuk said that the cold-blooded murder of Palestinians and the desecration of their body are inhumane.
He added that all wrongdoings that have been committed by zionist gangs are a crime in the name of humanity and in accordance with international law, but this did not mean anything in the eyes of the zionist occupation gangs.
Islamic Jihad movement said that it would retaliate to the martyr, who was a member of the movement.
"Our fighters will retaliate to the blood of our martyrs the same way they did before, shelling Tel Aviv", the movement stated.
In a written statement, HAMAS held the occupation state responsible for the aftermath of the crime. It added that the Israeli fascist policy is very dangerous as it underestimates any crime against Palestinians.
The PFLP underlined that the crime reflects zionist organized terrorism based on Talmudic hallucinations.
At the same time, Fatah condemned the heinous crime and called on the world to protect the Palestinian people.


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