Hamas Chief: Prepare for armed struggle

Hamas Chief: Prepare for armed struggle
Date: 14.7.2020 15:00

Stating that the Zionist initiative threatened not only Palestine but all Arab and Islamic countries, HAMAS leader Ismail Haniya called for Palestinian groups, "Prepare for an armed struggle".

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HAMAS Leader Ismail Haniya called on the Palestinian groups, "Prepare for an armed struggle". Haniya called for a comprehensive strategy based on the goal of rescuing all Palestinian land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean to prevent the "annexation plan" of the terrorist Israel and the "Century Imposition" of the USA.
Pointing out that the proposed strategy is important, Haniya said in his speech that the Zionist initiative threatened not only Palestine but also all Arab and Islamic countries. HAMAS leader Haniya noted that Palestinians should give up the Oslo Accords, stop co-operation with Israel, cancel Israel's recognition and reach an agreement on national unity.
Haniya said there is a need for a unified action plan in a comprehensive war against Israel, led by an armed resistance. In this context, Haniya said that he is continuing the process of building the power of HAMAS and ready to enter the stage when necessary. Haniya also called for a strong Islamic bloc to support the Palestinian position and strengthen Palestinian organizations in their struggle against Israel.
Assassination of Palestinian Public Liberation Commander
Meanwhile, a commander of the Palestinian People's Liberation Front in Gaza was reported to have died as a result of the assassination he suffered. A commander of the Palestinian People's Liberation Front died as a result of an armed assassination in the south of the Gaza Strip. Jabr Fadl al-keek, one of the leading commanders of the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigade, was shot dead in Refah, south of the Gaza Strip, on Sunday. It was stated that the attackers opened fire after approaching Cebr el Kik by motorcycle, stabbed the injured Al-keek, and then moved away from the region. While there was no group that assumed assassination, an investigation was launched in the area to arrest the attackers.


The occupation regime Israel attacked Palestinian village residents in Jerusalem with tear gas and stun grenades. Israeli occupation forces attacked Palestinian students and their families who celebrated their graduation in the village of Iseviye in Jerusalem. The people, who did not want to allow Israeli bullying, resisted the soldiers of the occupation army, and the residents were intervened with plastic bullets and gas bombs. The Palestinian Red Crescent Association announced that 8 Palestinians, including a pregnant woman, were injured by the occupation forces in the Israeli attack.
Israel killed 6 Palestinians in the first 6 months of the year in the blockade of Gaza and detained 22 Palestinians. In the report published by the Al-Mizan Human Rights Center in Palestine, it was stated that 6 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in Gaza and 38 were injured and 22 Palestinians were detained in the first 6 months of the year. According to the report, it was reported that the majority of the murders in question were directed at fishermen on the Gaza coast and demonstrators close to wire fences across the border. Terrorist Israeli forces detained 2,300 children, 30 of them children and 70 women, in the Palestinian territory under occupation and blockade in the first half of 2020. After the HAMAS Movement won the Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006, pressures against Gaza intensified, and the terrorist Israeli city was blockaded by sea, land and air.


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