Hamas: Popular uprising is right path to face Trump deal

Hamas: Popular uprising is right path to face Trump deal
Date: 9.2.2020 12:00

The popular uprising that has erupted in the occupied West Bank is the right path to facing off the “deal of the century”, member of Hamas Political Buerau Husam Badran said on Friday evening.

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In a press release, Badran saluted the Palestinian residents of Jenin for standing steadfast and resilient as Israeli occupation forces broke into the city early on Thursday to demolish home of Ahmed Al-Qanbaa, a Palestinian detained in Israeli prisons.
Badran called on the Palestinian Authority to “turn its positions [on Trump’s deal] into practical steps on the ground,” pointing out that Hamas is seeking to unify Palestinian efforts in the face of the “deal of the century”.
Reaffirming the necessity to find a unified Palestinian strategy to fight off the Trump deal, Badran noted that his movement is ready to hold a national summit to discuss how to face off the US-drafted plan.
The senior Hamas official explained that the agenda of the anticipated national meeting in Gaza should focus on how to foil Trump’s “deal of the century”.
As for Hamas chief Ismail Haniya’s trip abroad, Badran demonstrated that such tour came to mobilise official and popular efforts to support the Palestinian cause and face off the Trump administration’s proposals.


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