Haneyya: Our refugee camps abroad are “fortresses of the resistance”

Haneyya: Our refugee camps abroad are “fortresses of the resistance”
Date: 7.9.2020 11:00

Head of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya has hailed the Palestinian refugee camps abroad as “fortresses of the resistance” and “makers of major events and heroes,” stressing these camps “has kept the Palestinian cause alive.”

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“We have come from Palestine to Ein al-Hilweh camp to say that Palestine is ours and the land is ours,” Haneyya said today, addressing crowds of Palestinians during his visit to the camp in Lebanon.
He underlined that the Palestinian refugee camps abroad would remain the camps of steadfastness, and the icons of the Palestinian cause and the resistance despite their suffering from injustice, poverty, pain and hunger.
“We’d like to tell the enemy that we will not forget and forgive its historical injustice, and we will not forget our right of return, whatever the sacrifices,” the Hamas leader said.
Thousands of Palestinians rallied on Sunday afternoon in the streets of Ein al-Hilweh camp to welcome the visiting political chief of Hamas. 


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