Homeless Syrians got warm homes in Idlib

Homeless Syrians got warm homes in Idlib
Date: 10.1.2021 13:00

Diyanet-Sen built "Kindness Houses" for Syrians who were homeless in Idlib...

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Diyanet-Sen built "Kindness Houses" in Idlib for Syrians struggling for life in the war environment and heavy winter conditions in Syria.
Diyanet-Sen President Mehmet Ali Güldemir and board members contributed to the "A Goodness, A Warm Home" campaign launched by the Turkish Religious Foundation for families struggling to survive in harsh winter conditions with the kindness houses they built in Idlib.
Speaking after the visit to the houses they built, Diyanet-Sen President Mehmet Ali Güldemir stated that they saw the destructive effect of wars on people and nature in Syria in the most painful way.
"With the start of the war in Syria in 2011, we welcomed our Syrian brothers as Turkey. We saw you as our refugee brothers and many of our Syrian brothers still live in our country. We are here today to help our brothers and sisters who are trying to survive in these difficult conditions," he said.


Güldemir, "With this in mind, we are happy to visit our Syrian brothers and sisters who live in the benevolence houses we have built in Idlib through the Diyanet Foundation. Of course, we all feel like the war ends as soon as possible and everyone lives happily in their own home. But at least until this is achieved, it is an indescribable happiness to offer a small home to our brothers struggling to survive in harsh winter conditions. We fulfill the requirements of our humanity and our Islam, without compromising our tradition of helping each other, which is a requirement of our civilization and religion, and being a remedy for the problems of those in difficult situations. I invite everyone who has the means to support this campaign and to establish a warm home for a war-torn family," he added.


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