Hunger line continues to exceed Türkiye's minimum wage

Hunger line continues to exceed Türkiyes minimum wage
Date: 29.11.2023 17:00

The Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions "Türk-İş" announced hunger and poverty line data for November 2023.

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Hunger and poverty lines data, announced regularly every month by Türk-İş, were shared.
According to the data, the hunger line increased to 14 thousand 25 TL and the poverty line increased to 45 thousand 686 TL in November. The monthly living cost of a single employee reached 18 thousand 239 TL.
According to the announced data, 45 thousand 686 TL, declared as the poverty line, reached 4 minimum wage.
While the research conducted by Türk-İş also mentioned the increase in kitchen inflation, the increase in the minimum expenditure amount that a family of four living in Ankara should make "for food" in November was 2.49 percent compared to the previous month.
The rate of change compared to the averages over the 12-month period was calculated as 86.42 percent.
In the research, which also includes data on the increase in kitchen shopping according to spending groups, in the milk, yoghurt and cheese group, milk prices increased by 8.5 percent compared to last month and are sold for an average of 34.5 TL per liter in markets. Cheese and yoghurt prices maintained their levels last month.
It is stated that in the group that includes meat, chicken, fish, eggs, legumes and oilseed products, there is no significant change in meat prices compared to last month. It was stated that in most markets, ground beef is available for an average price of 331 TL, and cubed beef is available for an average of 356 TL.
It was stated that chicken prices are sold at 69 TL per kilogram, while eggs continue to be sold at an average of 3.77 TL per kilogram. As for fish prices, anchovies are sold for 100 TL per kilo.
The most demanded fish on the stalls continued to be sold for an average of 172 TL this month. While there was an increase in the prices of dried legumes, it was noted that the highest increase was in the prices of chickpeas. While the price of chickpeas increased by an average of 21 percent compared to last month, the average price of chickpeas per kilogram in the markets in November was 85 TL.


While it was underlined that the price of 200 grams of bread in Ankara is 7 TL, it was pointed out that the monthly cost of bread alone for a family of 4 is 735 TL.
While it was noted that there was a slight increase in the grains group compared to last month, it was stated that the average price of rice prices in November was sold at 71 TL per kg in the markets. It was underlined that bulgur, flour and semolina prices increased slightly compared to last month.


While it was noted that there was a decrease in vegetable prices in cauliflower and village pepper, it was underlined that the prices of spinach, purslane, green onion, zucchini, eggplant, cucumber and kale continued to be sold at last month's prices.
It was stated that the price per kilogram of grapes and dates in fruit stalls was 50 TL, while the average price of oranges was 35 TL. While it was emphasized that the cheapest fruit was tangerine, as it was last month, it was stated that the price per kilogram of tangerine was 12.5 TL.


The research stated that the decrease in olive oil production, especially in Spain and Italy, was reflected in the prices, and it was underlined that the increasing foreign demand for olive oil production in Turkey increased the prices.
The research noted that olive oil continues to be sold for an average of 300 TL per liter, and that sunflower oil prices remained the same compared to last month, while butter prices increased by 6 percent.


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