Hunter US against swordfish Turkey

Hunter US against swordfish Turkey
Date: 7.10.2019 08:16

The scientific name of the swordfish is Xiphiasgladius. The sword-shaped nose, which gives its name to the swordfish, is two thirds of its body. Very sharp and sword consisting of bone is the hunting and defense organ of this creature.

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* Gladius is a short, double-edged sword of about 60 cm length used by Roman soldiers. It's a weapon used by gladiators in Rome. It is therefore called a gladiator; When you look at the structure of the sword will draw your attention to the similarity of the swordfish weapon. Swordfish inspired the weapon of the Romans.

* It is one of the fastest fish of the sea and its speed in the water can go over 100 km / h. It is known that by lubricating the skin with an oil secreted from the upper jaw, it reduces friction by 20% and thus achieves high speeds.

* This fish is fast and powerful as well as predatory; 25 cm thick wooden boats with strong sword can drill. It can master its sword not only to injure its prey, but also to catch it.

* By sword digging the bottom of the sea can reveal the hidden prey and also using the sword as a radar receiver can detect the location of the prey. It can damage hunters and boats with its sword. Therefore, hunters take care to be careful while hunting.


* The swordfish being a warrior and predator, wandering the seas alone, and the connotations of hunting tactics of hunters caused me to use the art of similitude between swordfish and the Turks.

* Swordfish when it comes to fishing and swallows the bait begins to fight. Fisherman, to pull the fish into the boat constantly stretches the fishing rod enters the fish, can break the fishing rod. For this reason, after slightly winding the fishing line to relieve the fish by releasing the light and then the fish closer to the boat "very tight, little loosen" repetitive tactic to provide the fish hunter advantage. In this process, the swordfish gets tired and loses its fighting power and desire.

* Hunter, after eating the fish takes the boat paying attention to the sword and wins the fight. Beautiful big-eyed fish taken to the boat, has now delivered destiny to the hunter.

* In the fight between the fisherman and the swordfish if the fish pulls the fishing rod will be injured, but also with the chance to live freely.

* Maybe when the fish is taken to the boat is experiencing the regret that the fishing rod.

* When we think about what we have been living with the US lately, the things that happened during the swordfish hunting came to my mind. United States before the means we will apply sanctions, then will practice emphasizes solutions will be searched, then F35 pilots to cancel the flight training, while the warm messages and subsequent interviews done but that the US President  says he justified Turkey but is not going to give up from YPG.

* When Munbic, YPG, Aegean and Cyprus, and oil exploration issues are included in this process, it is seen that the US practices are similar to the tactics of the swordfish hunter.

* US stretching and loosening the relations, but they do not step back from the point they stretch.

* Our country is caught in fishing relations such as swordfish caught in a close, pushed away, but never allowed to break the rope.

* In this process;

* As a result of the tension and withdrawal of the line, the foreign currency in our country goes up and down and our economy suffers,

* While fishing line goes back and forth, our foreign policy and reputation are damaged,

* While the fishing line goes up and down, the reputation of the managers of our country is targeted, the defense needs and projects of our country are delayed, our long-term defense industry and the strategic plans of the armed forces are damaged.

* Since our country sees every relaxation as an improvement and does not react, the US saves time by distracting our country, and the US continues to implement its long-term policies rapidly,

* Our country is losing time and money in this distraction process,

* US swordfish hunting technique affects the nation's confidence in the US very negatively. As a result of this, according to the polls, our nation perceives America as a threat. In other words, the bond of friendship and alliance with the United States in the heart of the nation is broken.

* Will our state break the line with an approach similar to the survival of the swordfish? If it is, will this be the result of the US being attracted too much or will it be at the most appropriate time for the benefit of our country?

* Are technological cooperation with the US, F35 fighter jets, Patriot air defense system new bait for swordfish? Does it create new dependencies?

* Is there dependency where there is no trust?

*Hunters should always remember that swordfish is a fast, predatory and easy surrender.

* While conducting relations with our country with the tactic of swordfish hunt, not only us, but also the US will suffer from the breaking of the fishing line and the swordfish swimming in different waters.

* The Turkish nation has broken many chains throughout history and it will break either.

* Our duty in this process; to increase the sensitivity and range of the swordfish to the predators and to travel at full speed in the vast seas freely in the future without being caught in the net.

(Fikret Güzeller - Milli Gazete)


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