Hüseyin Akın: "The day withour a car"

Hüseyin Akın: "The day withour a car"
Date: 21.9.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Hüseyin Akın writes on effects of cars on human life. Here is the full article.

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Is life possible without a car? How ready are people, aside from life itself, for such a comeback? Automobiles promised us a less tired life, but it did not happen at all. Life with cars has become more tiring and much more tormenting for humanity. Environmental problems, physical inertia of people, visual pollution aside, even the rate of deaths from traffic accidents within a year is enough to question "life with a car".
Where do cars take us? To the destination we want or to the place he wants? No matter how much you tick the first option, the truth is in favor of the second option. Actually, we don't drive the car, the car drives us. I am not going to give examples of young people and young people who cannot afford to walk two stops. It has already adapted itself to the ordinary course of life. We live in a time when people trying to reach by walking two stops away are considered strange and strange. Walking on the mountain, the feet hurt on the straight street.
It is necessary to clear the roads, streets and spaces to breathe from cars and return them to their original state as soon as possible. We stole the streets from children, we need to return them as soon as possible. We have taken the breathing space from our elders. It is imperative that we leave these places of conversation and conversation for our elderly people who are in the autumn of their lives, just as we did. Those who think that they can make the world a paradise with high and mechanical technology are badly mistaken. In a world where the automobile has turned into a means of status rather than transportation, the scene of people dying on the roads before reaching their homes shows that this technology has turned the world from being a place to live and has already turned life into hell.
So, is a life without a car really possible? Recently, the Municipality of Paris organized an awareness action called Journée Sans Voiture (Car Free Day in Paris) to raise awareness. The main purpose of this action was also to test whether a life without cars in cities would be possible. Let us remind you that the action is repeated on a Sunday in the middle of September every year. In this year's "Car-Free Day" action, the traffic of motor vehicles was banned between 11:00 and 18:00. In some areas the speed limit is limited to 20 km/h. Even for a short time, the roads were handed over to their real owners, namely pedestrians.
In the past, when the road was mentioned, travel and longing came to mind. Nowadays, the road has become the visible expression of corruption and heavy traffic. Cars shortened life, not roads and journeys. How far can you go in this world with a car? From organized paths to organized distances. One of the things that man cannot achieve on earth is to make leaps over time, and the other is to erode space over his own existence.
Paradise is the place where the technological passion of man finds rest. Because the homeland of space-out and time-out is heaven. Automobiles and, more generally, the wheel roll towards this desire and create unsuitable markets for fulfilling this dream.
The world has wheels, not wheels. It is not centered to go, but return axis. A world without a car means the earth itself comes to life. The reduction of places to go in the world without a car will be instrumental in remembering the original addresses. Walking without a car is what it is to walk the roads without intermediaries.
Wishing for a world where walking takes the place of going.


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